Monthly Archive: December 2012

Delivery of a BrewHouse


Its taken 11 months from agreeing the basic commercials for our home in Finchampstead, but we are now there and starting to make progress. The drainage has been channeled, the concrete floor with falls and a new office are starting to make our home look like a proper brewery.  And to push it along a […]

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Tasting Night


The idea was very noble…. To get a group of foodies and beer lovers together to go through a bunch of  the best craft beer we could get hold of with short notice, and pull them all apart, what we liked, what we didnt and why! The scene was set very nicely in the Malmaison […]

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To launch a new brewery in Berkshire


Takes a lot of planning, effort and finding out about stuff you don’t yet know.  This journey has taken longer than we would have liked, but we are getting there. In January 2013 we are 95% sure we will be firing up the steam boiler to brew our first batch of beers ready to hit […]

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