Monthly Archive: March 2013

The Beer Place is a Great Place to Be


I know you probably don’t need me to tell you that.  Take a look in your fridge right now or your local pub, I am sure you have a great selection of really good brews there – that say 10 years ago – hell say 2 years ago may not have had the variety that’s […]

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Origin & Siren Craft Brew team up


To make the most enticing, alluring and amazing flavours, we have to be absolutely on top of every ingredient and process that goes together in the art and science of brewing to hit the highest notes possible.  That is why, when deciding on a breakfast stout to star in our core range using any ordinary […]

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The Extra’s – Our Launch news for the 9th


As we are getting ready for our launch across all of  The Craft Beer Co venues on the 9th March, we asked the bar managers if they wanted to add their own little touch of flair to one of our beers. So here is the run down of what you can get and where. In […]

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