Monthly Archive: March 2014

Calypso – A Sharp Tongue


Calypso; a Greek goddess sought to detain Odysseus on his return home to keep as her lover.  Odysseus, being a mere mortal could not argue or resist the desires of such a beautiful goddess.  However, her temper with the gods at their request to free Odysseus and set him on his way, makes her infamous […]

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Caribbean Chocolate Cake


A beer that has caused much debate in the brewery over the last few weeks is our collaborative brew with Cigar City – Caribbean Chocolate Cake… mainly over the correct pronunciation of Caribbean between the English speakers and Ryan – who is American and therefore doesn’t speak English. We can’t write about this beer without […]

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We are Hiring !!


You may have noticed on twitter that we are looking for a new head brewer.  Unfortunately, yes its true.  Our big bearded brew monster has decided that its time to head back to the US. It wasn’t his initial plan, hoping to stay here much much longer, and considering the start we have had here, […]

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We have a WINNER!!!


Our collaboration with Omnipollo in June last year was a rip roaring success.  Rik Lindqvist was the winner of the Swedish homebrew competition, and Nacken was the beer from that partnership. Well the gauntlet was thrown down to the UK homebrewing community to see what they could do, and the response was fantastic. A good […]

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