Competition: Name Our New Core Beer




*** UPDATE JANUARY 2017 – We’ve decided on the winning name and are working on artwork right now! Stay tuned for the full announcement ***


We’re welcoming a sixth beer to our core range next year, and some of you will know it well!

The first time we brewed using Vermont yeast it was to produce the best possible character for Love of Work – a beer originally brewed in Vermont with Hill Farmstead.

The yeast has gone on to become a big part of what we do, we now use our own unique house strain in the likes of Soundwave to provide glorious peach and apricot notes which complement the hops.

Vermont Tea Party was designed as a celebration of the yeast and an evolution of Love of Work. We always loved the citrus notes that the Earl Grey Tea brought into the equation, and we chose to accentuate that further with the addition of Lemon Zest. We also tweaked the recipe to offer even cleaner bergamot, citrus and grassy hop notes with Chinook, Citra, Equinox and Amarillo all in the mix. We dubbed it a ‘loose leaf pale ale’.


Almost 12 month on, we’ve perfected the recipe and are brewing it so often, it’s only right to give it a place in our core range. We love the subtlety of the flavours and how each element comes through distinctly in this beer. We also think it’s a prime example of how the same beer can shine differently across the three formats we package in, keg, cask and bottle. It’s a firm team favourite.

We’ll be commissioning a brand new illustration to bring the beer inline with Undercurrent, Soundwave, Liquid Mistress, Broken Dream and Calypso, so we need a name fitting for a Siren! This is where you come in.

We’ll be taking suggestions from now until close of play Friday, 2nd December. If we decide to use any of the proposed names, you’ll receive a selection from us including (but not limited to) bottles of the new beer, a t-shirt and art print of the new design and a couple of rare bottles from our secret stash.

In terms of inspiration, think Mythology, Tea, Citrus, Vermont, Nautical Themes, Poetry, History and anything else you think relevant. Ideally we like our beer names to link well with our artwork and the story behind the beer.

Please leave your suggestions in the comments section below, and we’ll announce our decision next week.

Good luck – we can’t wait to hear your ideas!


  1. Simon Gravelius says:


  2. Gary says:

    Earl of Atlantis

  3. Stuart Harrison says:

    How about Mandarin? Covers both tea (China) and citrus (Oranges)

  4. Arthur Farina says:

    Tales of Brave Ulysses !

  5. Mark R says:

    Being greedy I’ve got a few..

    Juturna – roman water nymph

    Iara (Yara) – a Brazilian siren



    Can’t wait to see the artwork!

  6. Kat Sewell says:

    Ariel named after the tea clipper ship which was famous in the 1860s for making quick voyages between England and China.

  7. Ben Viveur says:




  8. Alan Manley says:

    Queen of the Sea

  9. Alan Manley says:


  10. alessio frattini says:

    i have few names:
    Ægir (from the norse mithology, sea giant who brewd beer for the gods)
    Arnemetia (Celtic River Goddess)

  11. Martin Rake says:

    Sideritis – a greek reference for plants capable of healing wounds, used to create herbal tea

  12. Jamie Day says:

    ‘Wonderland’, or ‘Alice in Wonderland’ if copyright isn’t an issue in reference to the tea party in…Alice in Wonderland.

  13. Guy Latimer says:

    Demeter, the goddess of grain.

  14. Lou says:

    Eleanor. Eleanor was one of the ships involved in the Boston Tea Party protest.

  15. Alan Edwards says:

    Ocean Moirai.
    Ocean for the sea.
    Moirai for the Fates of Greek mythology.

  16. Cal says:

    ‘Shennong’s Sonnet’

    Shennong, supposedly the inventor of TEA in China in nearly 3000bc, although a bit of a MYTH. And Sonnet, a typically British style of POETRY, popular with Shakespeare.

  17. Ali Malone says:


    “In Māori and Polynesian mythology, Ika-tere or Ikatere is a fish god, the father of all sea creatures including mermaids.”

  18. Tim Rowe says:


  19. Tom Robson says:

    ‘Aeolus’ – Son of Poseidon and a mountain summit in Vermont, unless of course Wikipedia isn’t 100 percent accurate…

  20. Jason gonsalves says:

    Tempest in a Tea cup

  21. Andrew Parsons says:


  22. Alex says:


    Reasoning: The definition of a riptide is “a strong current that flows away from land and out to sea”. You can identify them by sight as calmer strips of water heading out to sea between much more turbulent and choppy water. The calm appearance of a riptide belies their strength and they can pull swimmers out to sea rapidly.

    When you are in the sea you should understand the peril of the riptide. When in the pub you should understand the craftsmanship that went into your beer. Respect for the sea and for your beer!

    You could also go with “Riptide Orchestra” if you didn’t think that having multiple sirens on a bottle would affect branding.

  23. Phil says:

    Seirenes Song

  24. CHIEW SEE HAU says:

    Black Bart’s Tisane

    Name after Bartholomew Roberts, the Welsh pirate who had a preference for drinking tea over rum.

  25. Porcelina of the Vast Oceans (credit the mighty Smashing Pumpkins)

  26. Dave says:

    Rhubarb surprise

  27. Anthony says:

    Syrinx – A a nymph in Greek mythology. The god Pan tried to seduce her, so she went down to the river to ask for help from river nymphs.

  28. Anthony says:

    Syrinx – was a nymph in Greek mythology, The god Pan tried to seduce her, so she asked some river nymphs to help her escape

  29. Robyn says:

    Congrats on the new core beer! Here’s a few-

    ‘Sirenum Calls’ – the island in which Sirens inhabit, while having the brewery name in there.

    ‘Ariel’s Song’- Keeping more to the idea of Siren/mermaid mythology.

    ‘Atlantic Drift’- representing the tea trade between Britain and the US, thinking Boston tea party while keeping to the nautical theme of the core range.

    (Finally) ‘Evolution of Guanyin’- may need to check spelling but Guanyin is the goddess of tea (or one of them) in Chinese mythology and Evolution represent your process for this beer.

    Looking forward to trying this new one!

  30. Tim says:

    Eastern Seaboard

  31. Alex Morgan says:

    Cormorant– Sea birds which are native to both Vermont and the UK, which adds a nice trans-Atlantic twist. They are a good omen in Norwegian mythology as the spirits of those lost at sea which seems to tie in quite well as a lighter side to those tempted by the Sirens. Additionally, birds carry a connotation of lightness which suits the style.

  32. GARY says:


  33. Amelia Astley says:

    Sea Nymph (a tea clipper laid in neighbouring NY)

  34. Dan says:

    Mandarins gift – apparently how the tea came about…

  35. Gemma Hanson says:

    Storm in a tea cup

  36. Aphaea’s Brew. Aphaea was the Greek goddess of accriculture keeping the link to the roots of the beer, the collaboration with Hill Farmstead… the brew part is optional but it links to the tea!

  37. Tom Eames says:

    Citron Seas

    Intrepid Waters

  38. Roy says:

    Lemonwater of Orpheus

  39. Martin Thompson says:

    Thermopylae – fastest ship in the tea trade

  40. Nathan Rowland says:

    Kuan Yin (pronounced Quan Yin)
    The goddess of mercy and compassion. Associated with tea for being nourishing and comforting. Her name translates to “The one who percieves the sounds of the world” (a nice link with Soundwave)
    The artwork could display a representation of her face in a Buddhist statue style surrounded by tea leaves, hops and lotus flowers. I think this would fit in with the range very well.

  41. Jon says:

    How about something simple: “Song”. The Song Dynasty in China around 1,000 AD were the first people to pioneer loose leaf tea. And a “siren song” according to Greek mythology “lapped both body and soul in a fatal lethargy” The Sirens song, refers to an appeal that is hard to resist. Much like the beer…

  42. Jon says:

    Voyage. Like all good beers off the beaten track this should represent the journey for which they are about to enjoy…

  43. Lauren says:

    Cymopoleia, goddess of giant storm waves!

  44. John Slobodian says:

    Sirens Tea Shanty

    Mermaids Leaf

    Neptunes Nymph Brew

  45. Ben Bevins says:

    The Saved Son.

    One rumour is that Earl Grey was given the tea from a Chinese nobleman after saving his sons life.

  46. Ali Balsdon says:

    How about ‘Sirius Equinox’ – why? Sirius is the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky and equinox is an astronomical event – the release of your sixth core beer and having tasted one of your cores, they are dark, bright and bloody astronomical and I’ m sure the graphics guys could do a good job with that

  47. andrew says:

    Eight Immortal Drinkers (epic chinese poem)
    Enlightenment (associated with gilgamesh)
    The Hymn to Ninkasi—which was a chorale of praise to the Sumerian goddess of beer

  48. Tom Murphy says:

    Hesperides – are the nymphs of evening and golden light of sunset who tend a blissful garden at the edge of Oceanus. Citrus fruits share this name too.

  49. Joakim Gunnar says:

    Earl Kraken

  50. Mike S says:

    The Brew Brew
    Brew + Brew = Score!
    Tea For Brew

  51. Jordan says:

    Snotra cup of tea

    (Snotra) Norse goddess of prudence

  52. Matthew Shaw says:

    Earl of Citra

    Don’t like to exclude the other hops, but it describes the beer well and fits the theme.

  53. Toby says:

    Lashed to the Mast
    Tied to the Mast

  54. Daniel Lelek says:

    Golden Fleece
    Ulysses Temptation
    Clash of the Teatans

  55. Dan says:

    Vitamin Sea
    (citrus fruity nautical)

    The Depths
    (nautical and tells a bit about the amount of changes the beer has gone through)

  56. Andrew B says:


    Links to mythology and the sea. A vain queen who insulted Poseidon and the sea nymphs. I can picture the bottle art now…

  57. Colin says:

    Mermaid Clipper

    Sea witch

    Thermopylae – a tea clipper built in my home town of Aberdeen

  58. Jamie Cross says:

    Cuppa Sea

  59. Joacim says:


  60. Anthony says:

    Garden of Hesperides – the mythology behind bergamot which flavours Earl grey.

  61. Arnaud says:


  62. Niall says:

    Behold Leviathan

  63. Gavin says:

    “Noble Rogue”

    Sounds like a belter of a beer need to get this stocked in the flat

  64. Ricky says:

    Boaty McBoatface

  65. Abigail says:

    Naiad, for a beer that flourishes no matter the format.

  66. Casey says:

    Since Phish are from Vermont -“Neverending Song”

  67. Martin Rake says:

    Storm in a tea cup

  68. Matt Wareham says:

    Assam – Largest tea growing area in India, and the World.

  69. John Slobodian says:

    Seas Of Grey

    Under Grey Seas

  70. Tobias Davis says:


  71. Nigel Rudd says:

    Mazu’s Trance

    Mazu was the Chinese Goddess that protects seafarers.
    She fell into a trance to protect her family from a typhoon.

  72. JOE says:

    “MEMPHRE” – a mysterious Serpent in Vermonts Mephremagog lake. The legend of “Memphre” dates back to the days of Vikings and Indians, long before White Man settled the regions now known as Northeastern Vermont


    “CATAMOUNT” – The infamous legendary Mountain Lions of Vermont, do they exist, you decide ?

  73. Nathan Rowland says:

    Tranquili-tea (or some derivative combining the word tranquility with tea)
    Combining the tea aspect of the beer with the word tranquility.
    This had a good connection with the overarching theme of the water as it can apply to a tranquil ocean. And what could be more calm and relaxing, more tranquil, than an still ocean of tea

  74. Ashley Hodgeon says:

    Barbosas’ Brew

  75. Daniel B says:

    Ragnarök – from Norse mythology – portends a series of major events and a great battle, at the climax of which the world will be submerged under water, before a fertile new world emerges from the deep.

    Saga of the Volsungs – Another Nordic tale, of an I’ll-fated medieval Nordic family. Was inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien…..there is even a cursed ring!

  76. Rob says:

    Shouting Match (or Shouting at Waterfalls)

    The reference is Abenaki mythology particularly the story of Azeban a trickster spirit (racoon) who challenges a waterfall to a shouting match and loses. The Abenaki people are a Native American Tribe (and First nation) who were prevalent in Vermont, along with the Mohawks.

    I think that it also works well with the balance between citrus and tea, two ‘shouty’ flavours.

    The name could also fit your branding by giving the lady the facial markings of a racoon

  77. Martin Thomas says:

    In The Depths ️

  78. Joon says:

    White Noise – Beer produced by combining all the different frequencies of taste together at once.

  79. Amir says:

    Draupner – the first ‘Rogue Wave’ to be identified (
    Makara – from Hindu mythology ( relates to the sea and an influence to the Early Grey Tea flavours in the brew…

  80. James Rimmer says:


  81. Becca says:

    Song of Sirenum
    (in mythology, Sirens were said to live on Sirenum. The siren song is described as both bitter and sweet – like the bitterness of beer and sweetness of bergamot in Earl Grey)

    Tempest in a Teacup

    Wreck of the Ariel
    (The Ariel was a tea clipper lost at sea. Some time later some pieces of a ship were washed ashore bearing the Ariel’s insignia. Perhaps the sailors fell prey to sirens…)

  82. Axel Gunnarsson says:


    The SS Agamemnon was one of the first successful long-distance merchant steamships. She was built in 1865 to trade between Britain and China, and competed with tea clippers before and after the opening of the Suez Canal in 1869. Agamemnon is a character from Greek mythology. He was the king of Mycenae or Argos and commanded the united Greek armed forces in the Trojan War.

  83. Liquor says:

    How about Liquor Junky? I have no shame

  84. Liquor says:

    Tea-leaf ! The cockney slang

    Or maybe

    Sunken Opportuni-Tea

  85. LJ says:


    Sunken Oportuni-Tea
    Mist Opporuniti-Tea

  86. Ed says:

    Tasseographic Sea
    Chai Deity

  87. Sam Stinton says:

    Circe’s Cup

    After the Oceanid(Sea Nymph) enchantress in Homer’s Odyssey who enjoyed turning sailors into pigs with her enchanted brews!

    “Lo, thy comrades yonder in the house of Kirke are penned like swine in close-barred sties. And art thou come to release them? Nay, I tell thee, thou shalt not thyself return, but shalt remain there with the others.”
    -Homer, Odysseia

  88. Sam Stinton says:

    Bergamot Beard

    Combining the rich citrus of bergamot with sea faring memories of black beard for a change in face, but not style, of the Sirens artwork?

  89. Emma says:

    Harmony, to reflect the blend of delicate flavours supporting the strong Siren blend while also giving a nautical nod to the melodic and tantalising mistress of the sea.

  90. Helen Boyes says:

    Like the others I have a few:
    The Muses Melody
    Nauti Charm
    Lure the Voyager
    The Enchanted Castaway

  91. Deano says:


  92. Deano says:

    Erl King. Tea carrying ship known as SS Erl King , faster than the clippers, look it up on wiki.

  93. Declan HASSALL says:

    ‘Echoes of Camellia’ as Echo was a water nymph (see Narcissus ) and Camellia is the tea bush.

  94. Reece Hugill says:


    Name of french ship wrecked off the coast of Howick Hall in 1913 where Charles Earl Grey lived, the countesses’ french maid helped translate the inquest. They are all buried in howick.

  95. Tony says:

    Porcelain Storm ⛈

  96. Paul says:

    Pro’tea’us – A shape-shifting, prophetic old tea god

  97. chris Fitzgerald says:

    The Earl of Finchampstead

  98. Matthew Dillon says:

    ‘Aqua Dementia’

  99. Luke says:

    Legend of Memphre

  100. Martin Rake says:

    More Tea Vicar
    Bitter Tea Hops
    High Tea
    Motion of the Ocean
    Storm brewing

  101. Darren says:


  102. RW says:

    Nemo’s Nemesis

  103. Craig says:

    So I think a brilliant name would be …… Lu Yu in wonderland
    The reasoning: Lu Yu is said to be the saint of tea, which is apt and the wonderland part obviously giving a nod to the mad hatters tea party, in Alice and wonderland!

  104. Martyn says:

    Considering that Vermont is likely named after the green mountains in the state, there’s an Asian link with tea and you want something mythological, how about ‘Jade Emperor’, after the Chinese God.

  105. BitterTaster says:

    The Alt-right Tea Party 😉

  106. Claire R says:

    Got a few..



    Medusa’s peril

  107. Pete Waldock says:

    Covered Bridge
    Montpelier Muse
    New New England
    Forest of Evermore

  108. The Hoff says:

    Love of Work

  109. Dan Brown says:

    Camellia Sirensis

    Tea Nymph

  110. Sam says:


    Referring to the use of tea leaves in fortune telling, and with a tenuous link to Greek mythology through the prophecies of Cassandra.

  111. Phil says:

    Green Mountain Bergamia – Vermont being the Green mountain state, bergamia being the Latin name for Bergamot

  112. Nathan says:

    High Seas

    Play on High Tea

  113. Omnivoracity says:

    Some great suggestions here. Mine may only be suitable for the US market (based on the pronunciation rhyme):

    Yo Ho Bergamot

  114. Christopher Hood says:

    Appalachian Star

    … because it sounds beautiful would make a great picture.

  115. Amy says:

    Tea Maiden

  116. Stephen Ravenscroft says:

    Pearl Tears – plenty of nautical, mythological and poetic connections to pearls, which are the tears of sea nymphs, plus the “earl” in pearl and the “tea” in tears.

  117. Ryan says:

    Sirenum Sopuli Sinensis

  118. Laura says:

    HMS Green Hill

    (England, Vermont, Shawn Hill)

  119. Mark S says:


    Also known as the Ancient Tea Horse Road, the

  120. Laura says:

    Pail of Ganymede

  121. Mark S says:


    Also known as the Tea Horse Road – the ancient network of roads used to transport tea across China. Also Portuguese for ‘Call’ – as in the call of the Siren.

  122. James says:

    Georgianas Fate. –
    Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire was the lover of Earl (Charles) Grey in the 1780s. When she fell pregnant with the Earls child she was sent to France to have the child in secret.

  123. Marie says:

    How about ‘Sirens Sweet Song’ or ‘Jasons Gold’ from the Argonaughts ?

  124. Marie says:

    How about ‘Sirens Sweet Song’ or ‘Jasons Gold’ from the Argonaughts

  125. Chris says:

    Sea Witch

    Short and simple, ties in with European folklore and aptly the name of a Clipper ship!

  126. Henry says:

    Manogemas (mah-nawn-guh-mass)

    The singular of Manogamesak, a race of water-dwelling creatures in Abenaki mythology; they are benevolent but mischievous and creative — capsizing canoes and ‘drawing’ on river banks. I think that reflects the delicate playfulness of this beer.

    The Abenaki are a Native American tribe hailing from the region that is now known as Vermont which gets the old namesake in as well…

  127. Carl says:

    Countess Gray or just Countess

  128. Sam says:


  129. Gina says:

    A few thoughts:-
    Prophisea (Prophesy)
    Fortune Teller (or Tiller)
    Tea Witch

    Song of Citrus
    Tea Shanty

    Proteaus (Proteus)
    Teaamat Time (Tiamat)
    Sailor Grey

    Tea Crest
    Tea Serpent
    Pour the Love of Tea

    Brew de grey

    (Long list, but such fun!)

  130. Floyd says:

    Wow! This is so much fun. I have a few suggestions:

    Tea of the Rhino Duty
    Pesky Tea
    Fatal Tea & the Flaw
    Tea Animation
    Tea Off (Golf Joke – maybe if the beer was 4% instead of 3.6% then you could call it “Tea Off….Four!!! Percent!)

    Surviving Zest
    Supreme Zest
    Glory Zest
    Inspired Zest of the Ambiguous Thief
    Suicide of the zest rhyme

    Tea Zest Earl of Haunting

  131. Mike Hawk says:

    The Mermaid Since Ages

  132. Adam Dakin says:

    Agamemnon’s TEArs
    Agamemnon’s Eclipse

    SS Agamemnon – revolutionised tea shipping as it was faster than the clippers, so befits a revolutionary brew

    Agamemnon was also Greek God with tragic end

  133. Christopher Baria-Lewis says:

    Ebb Tide. (Or Ebbtide)

    The period between high tide and low tide, during which water flows away from the shore. When the tide of the sea regresses, its beauty and power not any less apparent, but simply calming down only to rise again.

  134. Ricky Glew says:

    Tempest (in a Teacup)

  135. Steve says:

    Lake Monster
    Big Rem

    Vermont Lake Monsters are the largest baseball team in the state. The lake monster the name refers to is Big Rem or Champ, a Loch Ness Monster-type mythological creature living in Lake Champlain on the Vermont border.

  136. Tom says:

    Uncle Monty

  137. Thomas Sellers says:

    Here are my suggestions;

    Caspian – A little nod to Caspian Lake near Hill Farmstead were you first used Vermont yeast,
    Also the along the nautical theme as the Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed inland body of water on Earth.

    Methe – nymph of drunkenness, probably not what you should be promoting 🙂

    (The) White Lady – Folklore similar to a Siren or Banshee. Usually linked to either losing or being betrayed by someone.

  138. Rayan says:

    ‘ PEARL ‘ or ‘ P’Earl ‘

    gets the Earl connection in, kind of rhymes with Pale, and is nautical.

    Mythology/fantasy…Black Pearl…

    Added bonus if you brewed with Pearl Malt !

  139. Adam says:


    Tea was first discovered during the Shang dynasty
    Shangri La is a mythical paradise
    Cha is original name for tea

  140. Alex Fionda says:


    A state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts. As you might encounter on a long sea voyage or when being lured Siren’s song.

  141. Sat says:

    vermonTEA TEASON
    The New England Tea Cruiser

  142. Kiran says:

    I know it’s boring but I think Afternoon Tea fits quite nicely. Its got the tea of course, but is also grassy and soft like cress sandwiches 😉

    Also its session strength, so suitable for afternoon drinking.

  143. Maisie says:

    Tea with Dionysus
    Ulysses’ Tea Party
    One if by Land, Two if by Tea
    Treasure of the Teas

    (I had way too much fun with the tea puns!)

  144. Adam says:

    Hill of Serenity
    Hill of Sirenity

    Hill Farmstead/Siren, 6 is a perfect number, a symbol of completeness, satisfy your quest for contentment in the calmer waters of 3.6% – avoided tea pun but the clue is in the name

    The limited edition:

    Hill of Serendipity
    Hill of SirenDIPAty
    Hill of Sirendipity

    The tides are stronger, a fortunate happenstance between hops and tea and the taste is a pleasant surprise

  145. John Slobodian says:

    Mystic Infusion

  146. Daniel says:

    Boston Mash
    Isle Of Tea (as in, I Love Tea)
    Diver Sea Tea (as in, Diversity)
    Cup And Chaucer
    Thirstea Work (homage to Love Of Work)
    Teas And Thank You
    Elysium (a state of perfect happiness, mentioned in a chinese poem about tea)
    Magnum Opus
    Heaven, Earth And Man (chinese proverb describing tea as the union of these three things)
    Water’s Daughter (taken from chinese proverb describing water as the mother of tea)
    Agent Of Shen (tea is an alchemical agent, shen is a chinese term for spirit/soul which tea is said to enhance)
    Lu Yu’s Synergy (Lu Yu is considered the Sage of Tea, synergy is something that has a greater effect than the sum of its parts)
    Synergia (greek origin of synergy)
    Paragon (a person or thing viewed as a model of excellence, as the best example of it’s class – nodding to the gradual refinement of this beer into its final form)
    Erato (greek muse of poetry)
    Calliope (greek muse of eloquence & voice)
    Harmonia (daughter of the Greek god of war and goddess of love, a harmonious combination )

  147. Lucy says:

    It should be called 05601 – it’s a secret code, a combination. Only those in the know know! It’s also the zip code for Veemont’s capital.

  148. Rupert says:

    Fruit and tea simple



  149. Rupert says:

    Fruit and tea simple in one word



  150. Beth Haskett says:

    Tempress’ infusion
    Tempress’ brew
    femme fatale
    Daughter of Liberty
    Countess of Liberty
    Nmphs supply

  151. Guy says:

    Bon Mot

    A good name shouldn’t need explaining, but I arrived at it with the ‘mot’ from bergamot and the link between Vermont and French settlers. Bon Mot literally means good word in French but translates as word play, or a pun.

  152. Rupert says:

    Fruitea Sums up the beer perfectly .
    Or. Fruitee

  153. Christopher Hood says:

    Pale Enchantress.

  154. Christopher Hood says:

    Vesta’s Nectar.

  155. Stefan says:


  156. Matt Hoskins says:

    Charm of Echo


    Echo’s Charm

  157. Stefan says:

    Tea Shanty

  158. Deano says:

    The full vermont tea

  159. Kristian says:

    Lady Graeae, a reference both to the Graeae from Greek mythology (sometimes referred to as beautiful) and Lady Grey tea (like Earl Grey but with added lemon)

  160. Kristian says:

    Here’s my second attempt after a brainstorm… the name Thea, as well as being the former name of the tea plant genus, now included in Camellia, is an alternative spelling of Theia, a figure in Greek mythology. The mother of the sun, moon and the dawn, she is a Titaness. The name Theia alone means simply “goddess” or “divine”. To also make reference to Earl Grey (twilight) and lemon (the sun), I thought something along the lines of Theia’s Eclipse/Dawn etc. but now I think something like Morning Song is more in keeping with the other core beers’ names, and the Theia story alludes to the ingredients as well as Greek Mythology. Fittingly, Lumineers tune ‘Morning Song’ begins: “The carbonation in my drink
    The bubbles rise while my heart sinks.” It was meant to be, apparently.

  161. Joel says:

    Aphrodite’s Curse
    Andromeda’s Fate
    Persephone’s Elixir

  162. Kristian says:

    Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensembles… some better than others, perhaps a couple of ideas worth considering.

    The Lady Graeae (three ancient sea spirits who personified the white foam of the sea)
    Theia’s Dawn (goddess of light, mother of the sun moon and dawn)
    Theia’s Eclipse
    Morning Song
    Twilight Seas
    Twilight’s Call
    Cadence of the Sea
    Oceania’s Song
    Ayr of Oceania
    Drifting Voice
    Aural Trance
    Distant Echo (water nymph)
    Beckoning Aura (water goddess)
    Flowing Music
    Floating Trance
    Echo’s Muse (Muses in Greek mythology)
    Oceania’s Muse
    Oceania’s Flow
    Oceania’s Tide
    Drifting Ships
    Echo’s Temptation
    Enchanting Call
    Seductive Spell
    Temptation’s Call

  163. Karina says:

    Boston Tea Party ships:

    Godesses and nymphs:

    Fog in different languges:

    Latin words associated with Earl Grey tea:

    Chinese words associated with Earl Grey tea:

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