International Rainbow Project 2017


hqdefaultThe International Rainbow Project pairs seven of the best breweries in the United Kingdom with seven of the best breweries from a chosen country or region each year. Each pairing is randomly drawn a colour of the rainbow which is used to inspire a collaborative brew. We’re now in the 5th outing of the project.

On Tuesday 6th December we gathered at Partizan Brewery to make the official announcements of the 2017 region, breweries, pairings and colours, which we streamed through Facebook Live and live-Tweeted as it happened.

This year there’s a slight twist, as we drew 2 colours out for each pairing. The idea for this is that the second colour will be inspiring a barrel aged beer designed to be ready for release around the time of the International Rainbow Project 2018. Here’s how it went down:



Yep, we’re heading back to the USA! We hope you’ll agree that this is a superb mix of small artisan breweries and some of the leading craft breweries in the world.  We can’t wait to get brewing and throw some awesome parties next Autumn.

Here’s the full list and some links for you to explore:

Magic Rock / Casita Cervecería | 2017 – Red | 2018 – Indigo
Partizan / New Belgium | 2017 – Orange | 2018 – Green
Beavertown / Jester King | 2017 – Yellow | 2018 – Blue
Hawkshead / Modern Times | 2017 – Green | 2018 – Yellow
Siren Craft Brew / Sante Adairius | 2017 – Blue | 2018 – Violet
Wild Beer Co / Side Project | 2017 – Indigo | 2018 – Red
Burning Sky / 3 Floyds | 2017 – Violet | 2018 – Orange


Watch the draw as it happened:


Thanks to everyone who continues to support the Rainbow Project. Keep up-to-date at



  1. Chris says:

    Is there going to be a release event at the brewery again this year? If so, when?

  2. Rich says:

    Your rainbow project beer is awesome!

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