Mum’s The Word Launches Today


Mum’s The Word officially launches at Mother Kelly’s Tap Room today, the venue that gave birth to the base of the beer.

We’re always looking for ways to collaborate with top artisan producers near and far, an ethos we have in common with Arizona Wilderness, who we also happen to be big fans of. This beer is somewhat of a celebration of collaboration.

The idea came about when our friends at Mother Kelly’s Tap Room discovered that their near neighbours Resident of Paradise Row would be able to smoke some malt, we jumped at the chance of working with them and had the basis of a new brew in place.



After some testing of different types of wood, the final malt was hand smoked by Resident using maple wood. We decided that a Milk Porter would make really good use of the malt, so when the guys from Arizona Wilderness visited us as part of a big European tour (documented here) the plan was set.

We added a whopping 10 kilos of dried chipotle chilli to add a gorgeous smokey heat and flavour to the beer post-fermentation, and sourced Montmorency Cherries from the world-renowned King Orchards in Northern Michigan to balance the whole thing out with a subtle fruity depth.

Mum’s The Word will also be available in Cask, Keg and Bottle in all the usual outlets, let us know what you think in the comments section below.


  1. HHH says:

    Caught up with a cask pint of this at Holborn Whippet. Smoked cherry, chocolate & chipotle, roast malted milk stout sounds almost too ‘busy’ ;-), but produces a rich silky combination. Enjoyed a lot, if a touch too much sweetness perhaps. Wouldn’t want more than one in a session, so passed on trying the keg version half an hour later in the Craft Brew Co., Covent Garden.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for commenting. Really pleased you enjoyed, would love to know how you think the cask/keg compares if you do sample it at some point!

  2. oldgeezer says:

    had it on cask at Holborn Whippet and is now one of my best beers this year.Thought it was more of a stout but you nailed it.

  3. Andy Dickinson says:

    Just having a couple of these at Junkyard in Nottingham. Think the whole pub is on it. Absolutely superb!

  4. Roddy says:

    This is an excellently balanced porter. I agree that the recipe sounds quite busy, but it’s perfectly executed. The Chipotle is great since it seems to add lots of chilli aroma without too much heat.

  5. Andy says:

    Fantastic job. Enjoying a glass at the Beer Market in Dublin. Smoky aroma, fruitiness plus a zing from the chipotle. I think I love you guys 🙂

  6. Emma says:

    Discovered this yesterday in The Magnet, Stockport. Definitely up there in the top five best I’ve had. Gorgeous.

  7. Angie & Bill says:

    Enjoying now at Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore, MD. Very well done, Gents! Cheers!!

  8. Christopher Donald says:

    Just had the beer in the States on draught. Smoke dominated and the cherries and the chipotle were muted. Still a good beer but I think this is a beer that cries to be drunk fresh.

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