Written by Team Siren

2022 - Year in Review

It's time to wave goodbye to another year, which means we get the pleasure of a quick roundup post!


It feels as though there is no sense of normal for any of us right now, with the past few years throwing challenge after challenge to families, households and businesses alike.

Being involved in craft beer though, there is a sense that we’re all finding our way through this together. Your support this year once again has been incredible, and we really appreciate it.

Perhaps our biggest undertaking this year was Time Hops. This incredible project was a chance for us to push ourselves as brewers, put on the biggest event we've ever attempted, and we feel give something back to the beer world in the form of an incredible Craft Beer Channel documentary, literature, talks and tastings. This kind of work that looks backwards as well as forwards reminds us what it's all about, it goes down as a very proud moment.

Make no mistake there will be rocky times ahead, but as we ended the year on a CCC high and look forward to our 10th Anniversary next year, we all still very fortunate to do what we do, and are more motivated than ever to keep on keeping on.

Thanks again for being a part of this brilliant community, and a very Happy New Year from all of us at Siren. We'll see you on the other side with big news coming soon.

So, what happened in 2022?

It always amazes us when we go to make these graphics, quite how much stuff we manage to cram into a year. Alongside the 114 unique beers, there has been a host of events, new merch, marketing activities and even our very first mobile game. And this is just the stuff we can a) remember and b) symbolise in this graphic, somehow. 

Roll on next year!

From left to right: 

• George & Dragon Poster - Our pub's had a brand new kitchen fitted, but it was hard to symbolise this! 
• Menu from our pop up bar outside Red Funnel Ferries, on the way to the IOW Festival
New merch
• Twists & Turns 9th anniversary poster
• Swallowfield show brochure
• Tap - you know, from when we got a new tap
• Mobile phone with Sportsball Game and a Shiny can of Sportsball
• New Beanie hats
• Event lanyards from LCBF and Hagstravaganza (although there were many more!)
• The Coolypso filled with every can release of the year (that we can remember) and all the individual Suspended brews. 
• Maida Vale Soundwave washed cheese
• Barrel aged beer releases
• Plastic Cups and Time Hops Glassware
• Happy Hour neon sign from our Happy Hour promotions
• Advent Calendars and Gift Boxes
• CCC Tarot Cards
• SIBA Marketing Award
• Flagship Four Packs
• Cheers & Beers Gift Cards
• Soundwave Candle
• Growlers
• Another new beanie style - available here
• Time Hops Poster
• TTO Posters, notably our month long residency in The Four Thieves and our Christmas Bash at the Fox and Hounds
• Keg only beers from throughout the year
• Bonus extra from Tim... The water stain on the ceiling from when the office flooded last year, and the new blue carpet in the office from this year (because the old one flooded)