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Craft Beer Christmas Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again where we get together and enjoy each other’s company, ideally over a good beer! It’s a time for giving, and saying thanks to those we care about. 

Christmas shopping can be a bit stressful, so we’re here to make it as easy as possible for you with this year’s Christmas craft beer gift guide. Just like there’s a beer for everyone, there’s also a gift for everyone… so here we go! 

The Beer… Because it’s always beer first! 

If you’re looking for mixed cases, check out this blog here where we detail all of our Christmas mixed cases. However, we’ve also now got our brand new and bespoke designed  gift packs. With a closing lid, sleeve and sleek design they make for a perfect gift for any beer fan.

We’ve got a variety of sets available, or you can buy the box and beers separately to make your own case… they fit 4 beers, either 330ml or 440ml and a glass or snack in the middle section. The crème de la crème of beer gifts, you can even send them direct to your recipient.

Click here to buy a sparkling beer gift set 

Gifts to suit all budgets

Whether you're looking for a stocking filler or a main gift, we've got you sorted. Browse our collection of gifts below by budget to find the perfect gift matched for you. 

Gifts under £15

Gifts under £25

Gifts under £35

Gifts £45+

The Office Secret Santa Option

We’ve all been there, the office secret santa is drawn and you get someone from accounting. The only conversations you’ve ever had with them are about payslips, or that one time at the microwave when you talked about soup. What to get them? 

Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Our cheeky little Secret Santa mixed case is the perfect option for beer lovers… It’s £10, contains 4 gorgeous (and enjoyable by anyone) beers, a tasting glass and some snacks. Something for everyone there, and it’s bound to score you office karma points - who doesn’t like getting free beer? 

Click here to buy your secret santa exactly what they'll want!

The Commuter Option

For the person on the go, check out our awesome travel coffee mugs. As part of this year’s Project Barista celebrations, we went one step further than just a tasting glass, with a beautiful enamel mug and this lovely sleek black double-walled insulated travel cup. 

It features a secure spill proof lid, so it’s perfect for those on the go in the car or on the train. Not only that, it’s made from 100% pre-consumer recycled material and manufactured without silicone for a fully recyclable mug. It could even work for a beer at home, but we can’t confirm or deny that. 

Click here to buy a travel coffee cup!

The Stocking Fillers

Sometimes, you just need a few of those extra little bits. The sort of thing that as your loved one is opening them you go “Oh it’s just something silly…” but you know what? It’s never just something silly. It’s something you’ve thought they’ll like, or could make use of. It’s proof that you care, no matter how big, small or what it costs. 

Along with our ever growing selection of craft beer pairing snacks, or tasting glasses, we recommend our can cooler! Can cooler you say? It’s freezing out! True; but it’s warm inside with heaters on full blast and fires lit. Help your loved ones keep their beer at optimum temperature this Christmas and beyond with a great little can coozie

Buy a can cooler!

For those who like to read

Christmas day TV just isn’t what it used to be, so if you’re anything like us, it’s pretty nice opening something barrel aged and putting your feet up with a good book on Christmas day afternoon… when did we all get so old? 

Look no further than Matthew Curtis’ Modern British Beer. Modern British Beer aims to highlight the cultural development of beer in the United Kingdom since the turn of the century. The first-person narrative will be told through the stories of approximately 80 different beers and the brewers who made them, and focus on how their influence has directly affected our choice at the bar.

It’s a great read and the perfect idea for someone who likes the beer and wants to delve a bit deeper behind the scenes. 

Click here to buy Modern British Beer Book.

For those with a favourite local beer shop

If you know that the beer lover in your life frequents a decent craft beer establishment then this is the gift for them. Our 1 or 2 litre growlers are designed for take away beer and you can even get them with Mum or Dad's Beer on them. Did you know that even some supermarkets have started doing this now! 

If you’re local to the Siren Tap Yard then even better… you get 50% off your first fill and we even have a growler fill loyalty scheme. 

The growlers are individually laser etched, and help to keep beer cold and fresh. 

Click here to buy a growler!

For the home bar setups

If you know someone with a budding home bar setup then we have a few options to make sure they’re well kitted out with everything needed. We’ve already mentioned glassware, and even the growlers would work. However, every bar needs a good Bar Runner. Our dishwasher safe bar runners have a bespoke moulded 3d effect which looks great and serves its purpose perfectly. 

Along with a set of our mixed beer mats and glassware, they’re the perfect home bar accessory. 

Click here to buy a bar runner! 

The last minute panic

And lastly… if you’ve left it too late, or just want a handy easy option then we’ve got a variety of gift vouchers available

You can purchase a gift voucher for our webstore for any amount you choose. Simply say how much, add the recipient’s e-mail and we’ll contact them at a time of your choosing. You might want to email to send straight away, or you can time it to send on Christmas day!

Click here to buy a webshop voucher!

Our Brewery Tours are now also back running! A brewery tour voucher is for 2 people to come down and see where the magic happens. It includes a full guided tour of our facilities lasting around 90 minutes, and ends in the Tap Yard where you’ll taste through our flagship range (and anything else that might take your fancy!). 

Click here to buy a Brewery Tour!

We also have vouchers available for the Tap Yard, for those who live nearby, or planning a visit. 

Click here to buy Tap Yard vouchers!

We also have some new merch incoming, so keep an eye out for some new beanie hats in the next couple of weeks.

Happy shopping!