Written by Tim

Halloween at Siren!

It’s that time of the year when all the skeletons come out the closet… quite literally, as we decorate for halloween. The evenings are drawing in, the temperature is dropping, pumpkins are being harvested in their thousands and everything is inexplicably covered in spiderwebs. 

Whether you love or hate the idea of halloween, it’s a bloody good excuse for a get together with friends. With the nation’s scariest ghoul not ruling out the idea of more Christmas disruption, we should all make sure we’re taking advantage of the opportunity to socialise whilst we still can. 

With that in mind, we wanted to tell you about this year’s halloween plans at the Tap Yard, as well as the return of an online tasting for those from further afield. 

Tap Yard Halloween Party. 

The good news is, the Pooch Runway (catwalk surely can’t be used here…) is back! Whilst we do want you all to dress up, and there’ll be prizes for the best dressed, the focus is on dogs once again. Tap Yard Manager Jess and her team will host the fancy dress competition for dogs, with the chance to show off your creative designs. There’ll be face painting on site to help you along the way too… We. Can’t. Wait. 

More importantly, of course, is the beer. What better way is there to celebrate Halloween than with dark beer? We’ll have a full dark beer tap takeover, featuring some ever present favourites, currently available bangers and some rare archive stuff… we’re looking at you Dark & Perilous Nights. If you’re not a big dark beer fan, then seriously… now’s the time to get involved and come to the dark side. If you’re really not a fan, then don’t worry we have you sorted as well. We’ll also have a smaller bar pouring light beers, along with the normal wine, spirit and coffee offerings. 

We'll have street food from The Pattie Wagon and our friends from Gorilla Bakes, for some sweet treats - what’s Halloween without sugar, right? 

The party is Sunday October 31st and we’ll be open from 12 - 6. Check out the tap yard page for table booking if you want to guarantee a place. 

Online Virtual Halloween Tasting

If the last year’s taught us anything it’s that we can also have just as much fun online, and once again… we intend to. 

For those of you who are further afield and can’t make it to the party, we’re hosting another awesome online tasting, with a Halloween twist. 

On Friday 29th October, some members of the Siren team will be joined by Jonny Garrett from the Craft Beer Channel to taste through 3 gorgeous seasonal beers. And now the twist… You'll be able to watch on Youtube or Facebook.

In between each beer, you’ll be able to vote on a trick, or a treat for your hosts. Do you want to choose something nice for them, or do you want for them to have to do something nasty? We’re not sure what those tricks or treats will be just yet… but we might ask for suggestions on Twitter, so look out for that. 

If you want to join in, you can grab our Halloween case here, which contains all the beers that we’ll be drinking through. It’s free to watch though, so even if you’re not joining in the tasting, you can still join in the trick or treat fun. 

Before we leave you… just remember all the good times we’ve had. And remember that it’s your hosts who setup things like discount codes ;) 

Sit back, dim the lights or switch them off if you don’t have dimmers, put conventional logic to one side and enjoy… Well, we say enjoy……..