Written by Darron

A Message from Darron

Hi everyone,

As you hopefully will have seen, we’re celebrating turning ten this year. As part of that, we’ve made a commitment to support (at least) ten charitable causes this year and raise more money than ever before.

Our team are all behind this, and have been suggesting where they’d like to see us focus our fundraising efforts. However, this week is World Autism Acceptance week, and this one is my pick.

Just two years ago, my teenage daughter Ava was diagnosed with high functioning autism.  Although she’s known as an outgoing (well - apart from the fact she is a teenager) person, interactions in social scenes, environments that are new to her, noisy, or unexpected changes of plan leave her completely drained. 

Autism is a spectrum. This means everybody with autism is different, some people needing little or no support, others moreso. My belief is understanding is the most important thing, which of course first requires awareness.

So for the next full week, for every pound spent on our website, Siren will be donating 10p to the National Autistic Society. At the end of the week (05/04/23) we will match the total with our own donation.

If you want to read more about World Autism Acceptance week, click here.

Thanks for your help in raising funds for great causes this year.

Darron Anley
Siren Founder