Homebrew Comp Round 2 – Want to brew in Sweden?


With the recent launch of Nacken, the fruits of our Swedish homebrew competition, we have decided to flip the script  This time round its the turn of you UK homebrewers to get the chance to brew with us and Omnipollo in Sweden.   So how do you get to do this??  We have kept it simple.


  • Be over 18
  • Be a UK Homebrewer
    • No connections with a trading brewery
  • Send beer to us by Jan 24th – 3 bottles
    • Include recipe
    • include the name of the brewer
    • 1 brewer per entry
  • Style is not important – all that matters is the beer is great

The winner will be picked by us and Omnipollo, our decision is final.  The winner will travel to Dugges brewery in Sweden with us to brew with Omnipollo & Siren.  The beer to be brewed will not necessarily be your beer, but it will be a recipe agreed as a 3 way collaboration.  The beer will then be debuted at the Mikkeller Copenhagen Beer Celebration 2014.

Happy brewing and good luck.

Please send your bottles to the brewery at the address below.  You need to make sure they are packaged securely for the transit

Siren Craft Brew

Unit 1 Weller Drive



RG40 4QZ


  1. Jimmy says:

    Are 330ml bottles allowed? The description does not specify bottle size, I know most homebrewers use 500ml, but all of mine are in 330ml bottles.

  2. Kevin Black says:

    Can’t wait.

  3. Al says:

    Hi, what exactly would the prize include for the winner? Would flights and accommodation be included?

  4. Ellen says:

    Ah, man, why is it required to be an UK brewer?

  5. James Hardacre says:

    Can you clarify what ‘No connections with a trading brewery’ means? I won a competition recently where I got to make my beer at a brewery, and it is currently being sold. Does that disqualify me from entering?

  6. James Brown says:

    You mention one brewer per brew is it also one brew per brewer or can we enter a couple of different beers?
    Also, could you clarify the prize please? Are flights and accommodation included?

  7. David says:

    If there are two brewers on the beer, can we enter it and then in the very unlikely event of winning select one of the brewers for the prize afterwards?

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