Project Barista – a Journey in Coffee

This June we’re combining two of our biggest passions – coffee & beer – in ways we’ve never explored before…

Project Barista is our celebration of the sublime flavours that coffee can impart on beers. We’ve been big fans of using coffee in beer since we started out four years ago, in fact we have a beer that uses coffee in our core range – Broken Dream!

This series aims to take the relationship between beer and coffee in new directions. We’ll be releasing four unique brews using different kinds of coffee in different ways, to really explore what we can achieve with the styles. Read on to see what we’ve got in mind.


Four Unique Coffee Beers


Turkish  – 10% Indulgent Imperial Stout with Coffee

Turkish is inspired by the country’s robust coffee traditionally served with a piece of rock candy. 45kg of Thai coffee beans, roasted by Reading’s Tamp Culture Coffee, are added at three different brewing intervals. The brew also includes the addition of vanilla and orange zest in the spinbot, orange zest and nutmeg in the whirlpool and an incredible 420kg of figs to the fermented beer! The result is lovely smooth spicy notes, a nice citrus sweetness and a sound body.

Americano – 9.1% Devious Double IPA with Coffee

Americano is a Coffee Double IPA which uses a new method designed to preserve the delicate nature of Ethiopian coffee’s high end berry notes. Quarter Horse Coffee in Birmingham brewed a strong hot coffee which was added to the beer directly before packaging. Americano is packed full of Citra, Columbus, Cascade, Chinook hops, and Mosaic Cryo Powder, to the tune of 21 grams per litre.

Crema – 4.9% Deceptive Sweet White Coffee Stout

Crema is a white stout with German Whiskey Barrel aged coffee, which builds on our continuing experiments with the ageing of coffee beans. We steeped Tamp’s coffee in a fermenter at both 21°C and 0°C to accentuate the low notes of the coffee, whiskey, wood and vanilla. Then we took 25kg of German Whiskey Aged Coffee and added vanilla and cocoa nibs to create a sweet white stout that completely defies the way it looks.

CapHeine – 6.2% Kettle Sour with Coffee

Finally we have CapHeine. We paired up with London’s artisan coffee roaster Climpson and Sons to deliver a unique kettle sour beer. The most nuanced coffee beer of the four, CapHeine’s biscuity, bready malt notes combine with hibiscus and raspberries and floral/fruity Kenyan coffee beans to create a cacophony of flavour. There’s redcurrant, cranberry, plum, red fruit notes and some light hibiscus florals. Mosaic, Palisade and Bravo hops are added during kettling and a small dry hop addition. There’s hibiscus in the boil and 120kg of Raspberries added to the fermentation.

Look out more more in-depth discussion on the use of coffee in these beers coming up soon on our blog.





When and where can I find these beers?

Project Barista launches Saturday 24th June 2017. Click the map on the left to see the full-size version.

We’re particularly excited to be hosting 200 of you in the new space at our brewery here in Finchampstead. The event sold out very quickly and we’ve got a few surprises lined up to make it a great day out. We’re joined by 7 great locations across the UK who will all be tapping the 4 beers for your drinking pleasure!

If there’s nowhere that you can get to easily, fear not. You’ll be able to pick up bottles from our launch partners at HonestBrew, along with our own web shop where we’ll also be offering a gift pack of the four beers together.

Most of the beer in Project Barista has been pre-sold already, but we do have limited amounts of each left if you’d like to get your local pub or bottle shop on board. Details are below.



 Press & Trade

Please email if you’d like to feature Project Barista or find out more about the beers and processes involved.

If you’d like to stock any of these beers in your pub, bar, restaurant or shop, contact one of our excellent distribution partners:

Scotland/Newcastle – A New Wave – @anewwave
The North of England – Blackjack beers – @blackjackbeers
Midlands – Beer Metropolis – @beermetropolis
East Midlands/Essex – Jolly Good Beer – @jollygoodbeer
London/Brighton – Cave Direct – @cavedirect
London – Kicking Horse – @KickingHorseUK
National – Beer Paradise – @beerparadise