• Zero Calories and Zero Sugar

    Zero Calories and Zero Sugar

    Sparkling Hopwater

Introducing Sparkling Hopwater

Hopwater is a new non-alcoholic sparkling water infused with hops that we're hugely excited about. 

It contains zero alcohol, zero calories, zero caffeine and zero sugar. It's basically zero everything - just exceptionally refreshing, and infused with the finest hops that also flavour our beers. 

Drink on its own or try as a mixer, and let us know what you think.


We've sold through out first batch of Hopwater, but more will become available before too long - watch this space!

Idaho 7® Sparkling Hopwater

Named after its home state, Idaho7® is a new hop making a big impact. You'll find sweet, juicy tropical notes in abundance. If you thought that this hop was amazing in your pale ales, wait until you taste how fruit-led it is in hop water.

Some feedback from our test tastings - "It smells lovely - light hops / elderflower aroma. It's a good level of fizz and I like the slight green tinge so you know it's a bit different."

Idaho 7® Sparkling Hopwater
Citra® Sparkling Hopwater

The superstar of the hop world, Citra® is widely adored by brewers and customers alike for its citrus and tropical fruit flavours. In this hop water, it presents with clean, grassy and dare we say it - dank - aroma that should really hit the spot for IPA fans.

Some feedback from our test tastings - "Great, more refreshing than most standard soft drinks, more savoury/interesting than normal sparkling water"

Citra® Sparkling Hopwater
Why Hopwater?

Hopwater is gaining popularity in the US among people who enjoy the flavour of hops but want a heathier alternative to beer.

In September 2023, our head brewer Sean Knight and founder Darron Anley went out to the hop harvest in Oregon and found a buzz around hop waters from other brewers and growers. There was an enthusiasm from hop suppliers about diversifying the kinds of drinks that hops are used and we were excited to start experimenting. 

When we put so much focus on the hops, in terms of going out there to select the varieties we really want, it makes sense to be able to try these hops in their most natural state.

It was our opportunity to innovate, try new things and stand out a bit.

Your feedback

We’ve been quietly trialling our Hopwater in the Tap Yard, and at our 11th Anniversary Party where people were able to try it for free, with the option to donate to local homeless charity Launchpad in exchange.

Many people are surprised at just how much they’re enjoying Hopwater. The most commonly occurring word used is definitely ‘refreshing’. Among the feedback forms we’ve collected, our customers have rated the flavour and aroma both on average 4/5 with an average likely to recommend’ score of 8/10. 

The good news is, we think the Hopwater in cans is the best example so far.