A Tale of Temptation

Those are the voices of Soundwave, Lumina, Yu Lu, Broken Dream, and Calypso. Also look out for Suspended in... our rotational 4% Hazy Pale Ale.

  • Yu Lu

    Yu Lu

    Pale Ale | 3.6%
  • Lumina


    IPA | 4.2%
  • Soundwave


    IPA | 5.6%
  • Broken Dream 330ml

    Broken Dream 330ml

    Stout & Porter | 6.5%
  • Calypso


    Sour & Saison | 4%

    Out of stock

  • Suspended In Cans (Simcoe)

    Suspended In Cans (Simcoe)

    Pale Ale | 4%


Our Process

To build an artisanal product you have to approach it in the right way. Every stage in the brewing process is carefully thought through to ensure that we get the product we want at the end.

The brewing process hasn’t changed in hundreds of years, but as industrialisation has sped many things up, to us we take things slower. The beer will be ready when its ready, not because it needs to get out of the door.

Our Process
That is the sound of a secret

Those are the voices of Soundwave, Lumina, Broken Dream, Yu Lu and Calypso. They are calling you.

Allow them into your thoughts and encourage them to play. Say to them secrets, share with them desires. You could try to hide your true feelings but they will fire your imagination, alight and alive your tastebuds.

Be wary though. They are here to tease, here to sway and persuade, here to breathe softly and carry you away. They are the sirens of Siren Craft Brew. They are the Unknown.

That is the sound of a secret