• CCC - But not as you know it!

    CCC - But not as you know it!

    Curiosity Candour Charm

Introducing Curiosity, Candour and Charm

CCC this year stands for Curiosity, Candour and Charm. Three magical, mythical and massive dark beers conjured up in collaboration with three of the most incredible dark beer brewers we could dream to work with - Garage Project (NZ), Cycle Brewing (USA) and Omnipollo (SWE).

These three beers are each unlike anything we’ve produced prior. Each features a different bean as a starting point (think Cocoa, Vanilla and Coffee) but then ventures into new territories of aroma, flavour and viscosity. We can’t wait to share these three stouts with you. It’s a one-of-a-kind dark beer experience that rounds out the year in style, please don’t miss out.

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Curiosity | Candour | Charm

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Curiosity - 10% Imperial Stout - Vanilla - Garage Project

An Imperial Stout showcasing exquisite Tongan vanilla pods, some of the most sought after in the world. We love how Garage Project approach their beers with a dedication to flavour and a curiosity in ingredients and process, all with a touch of theatre. We first worked with them on ‘Blacklight Banana’ back in 2016, an imperial porter with cult hit status, and have been looking for a good opportunity to link up again ever since. Our ‘Curiosity’ collaboration is a layered and intricate expression of vanilla in a beer emboldened with Belgian Candi syrup, hand-toasted coconut and robust malts. It’s the driest of the three bean beers, but finishes sweet and sips with a good hint of luxury.

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Curiosity - 10% Imperial Stout - Vanilla - Garage Project
Candour - 7.8% Decadent Stout - Chocolate - Cycle Brewing

A thick, decadent stout featuring Rio Caribe cacao grown on the Paria Peninsula. We have always been in awe of Cycle Brewing, they make beers with creativity and candour, producing some of the finest stouts and barrel aged beers in the world. We often get asked about which breweries we’d like to work with, and Cycle have been right at the top of the list for a very long time! This collaboration is rich with the flavours of Belgian chocolate and caramelised dark sugars, with a smooth, luxurious mouthfeel and beautiful depth of flavour. If you like Caribbean Chocolate Cake, you’ll love this. Well you’ll probably love all of them, but especially this.

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Candour - 7.8% Decadent Stout - Chocolate - Cycle Brewing
Charm - 9% Imperial Porter - Coffee - Omnipollo

A captivating Imperial Porter featuring a special blend of Brazilian, Indian and Tanzanian coffee beans. Omnipollo is an inspirational brewery to us, always willing to push boundaries to make beers with imagination, ambition and charm. They’ve also been a part of our journey since year one, when we first teamed up on Näcken, a hopfenweizen born from a collaborative homebrew competition. The very same competition gave birth to some of our all time favourite beers, the likes of Life’s A Peach brewed in Finchampstead, and Lorelei, which has become an annual release for Omnipollo. Our latest collaboration is probably the most ambitious beer we’ve brewed. It entices with marzipan flavours which play against rich espresso and roasted dark malts. Starting at 40 plato, describing Charm as viscous is an understatement, it has to be seen to be believed.

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Charm - 9% Imperial Porter - Coffee - Omnipollo
What Else Do I Need To Know?

Where can I find the beers?

Siren webshop from 12:00 Friday 2nd December. From Siren Tap Yard in cans and on keg from 12 Friday 2nd December. From next week we will also have a list of incredible independent bars and bottle shops to buy from.

How much is available?

This is a very limited release, we recommend buying early to avoid disappointment.

What Else Do I Need To Know?
What About Caribbean Chocolate Cake?

If you're missing the traditional CCC, fear not. While we've enjoyed shaking things up a bit, we head into our 10th Anniversary next year and have big ideas for Caribbean Chocolate Cake to be an important part of it. Keep an eye on your inbox, you might see something sooner than you expect.

In the meantime, we think you're going to love these beers.

What About Caribbean Chocolate Cake?

Curiosity, Candour and Charm Series

We can't wait for you to try this year's CCC series:

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