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    Siren Craft Brew Team

    Meet the people behind the beers.

Some of the faces from Siren

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    Darron Anley

    Darron founded Siren back in 2013 and is still heavily involved today. He's also a keen racing driver - as anyone who has shared a journey with him can attest! 
    Current favourite beer: Liquid Mistress. 

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    Kyle Larsen

    Kyle moved over from Oregon to head up our brew team in 2016 and has made a huge impact since his arrival. He loves brewing Double IPAs.
    Current favourite beer: Lucky DIPA

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    Steve Hoile

    Originally starting out in our pack team, Steve now oversees all of our beer coming out of tanks. He's also key to our barrel ageing, wild fermentations and blends.
    Current favourite beer: Trubbel

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    Operations Manager

    Jason Lodge

    Jason joined us in 2017 and has the crucial job of making sure all of our beer gets out of the door! He loves a good spreadsheet and makes great coffee.
    Current favourite beer: Low Side

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    Marketing Manager

    Andy Nowlan

    Andy joined the team in 2015, overseeing our packaging, projects, events and online shenanigans. He also keeps a close eye on the Tap Yard - usually at 5pm on Fridays.
    Current favourite beer: Santo

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    Accounts Manager

    Lorraine Johnson

    Lorraine joined Siren back in 2014 and among other things, has the important job of making sure we don't spend too much money on hops - tough gig. 
    Current favourite beer: Sound Wave

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    Brand Ambassador

    Ruben Gil

    Ruben is the life and soul of Siren, representing us up and down the country and training up our amazing pub, bar and restaurant customers. He's also perpetually hungry.
    Current favourite beer: Yu Lu

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    Content & Social Media

    Tim Pritchard

    Tim joined the team earlier this year, and is responsible for all the beautiful photography and videos of our beers and brewery. He's the person you're chatting to on Twitter!
    Current favourite beer: Pompelmocello

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    Sam Squires

    Sam is our longest serving brewer and knows our recipes inside out. He's also responsible for some of our most popular brews, a recent example being Breakfast Shake.
    Current favourite beer: Broken Dream

Our Sales Team

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    Sales Manager

    Patrick Thompson

    Patrick joined us at the beginning of the 2018 and heads up our awesome sales team. From Bracknell to Shanghai, if you are looking for the freshest Siren beers, hit him up.
    Current favourite Beer: Calypso

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    Regional Sales - London

    Dom Windle

    Dom has been with Siren since 2016 and looks after all the amazing pubs, bars, restaurants and bottle shops in London. You'll rarely see him without a Siren 5-Panel.
    Current favourite beer: Sound Wave Sessions

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    Regional Sales - West

    Nick Swallow

    Nick joined us in 2017 from a beery background. He looks after Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire, Birmingham, Bristol, Wales and everywhere in between.
    Favourite current beer: Trubbel

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    Regional Sales - South East

    Stephen Clements

    Stephen is our local hero, looking after Berkshire and the South East. Hailing from Liverpool, he also keeps the office stocked with the latest craft beer from the North. 
    Current favourite beer: Spin Botany

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    Direct Sales Co-ordinator

    Amber Thorne

    Amber's a new recruit, joining in 2018 to organise all of our direct sales. Our trade customers will know her well, as she's always there to solve a problem! 
    Current favourite beer: Hop Fizz

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    Direct Sales Co-ordinator

    Dean Macey

    Dean joined us in the early days of our Tap Room. He's still a key part of that, but also helps out our sales team, keeping customers up-to-date with the latest brews.
    Favourite current beer: Hot Water State