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Euphoria - Celebrating Inclusivity

There’s a bit of a change on the blog today as we hand the reins to Erik in our pack team. 

Our latest collaborative brew celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and the good work being done from within the industry to shine a light and provide more of a platform. There’s no one better to tell you about this than Erik, who has been championing this beer and doing amazing work in and outside of the brewery. . It’s an honour for us to be able to bring projects like this one to the fore, and we appreciate your attention.

My name is Erik, he/they

My memories of being a teenager are those of never quite feeling comfortable, feeling like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Along with my social circle, I found comfort in the music of “Against Me!”, a band whose singer, Laura Jane Grace, went through her own transition. This really helped me find my vocabulary on how to express myself and the use of pronouns. 

I’ve now worked at Siren for nearly 3 years and I am a Pack Team Operator, training to be a cellar person. The goal on my mind’s horizon is to become a brewer. I am still on my LGBTQ+ journey; I guess the closest label I feel that fits me is transgender. 

This year, I wanted to bring some other LGBTQ+ folk in the beer industry together for a meet and great collab. I wanted to pitch the idea of working on some projects together, hopefully with other folk later down the line as well. I pitched the idea internally at Siren  and everyone took up the cause to  make it happen. 

Something that’s really important to not just me, but others both within and outside of the beer industry (and not just LGBTQ+ folk) is having representation. Anyone who is marginalised or oppressed needs to have a representative platform to say “Yes, I exist. Please don’t exclude me, treat me badly, and do please listen to what I say. Respect my existence and celebrate my creativity.”

For me, Queer Brewing did exactly that. I was so excited when someone recommended their beer, which, by the way, is really good. It was inspiring to see other folks making beer and being queer - there’s my representative platform. For this first collab, having Queer Brewing on board was both really important and really exciting. 

The head brewer of Loddon Brewery, Jake, is one of my partners, and of course an absolute legend! They make great beer and have been the best support network in my early stages of my own transition. Not to forget that they were a great reason for my interest in becoming a brewer. 

For me, brewing with Jake and Lily was a dream team (with a little help from Head Brewer Sean, of course).

Together, we agreed on a recipe for a Lime & Kiwi Sour. With a backbone of German Pilsner, Wheat and Vienna malts we added Loral and Motueka to push the zingy lime notes and give those juicy kiwi notes. Additions of Kiwi, Lime juice and Lime zest were helped to sing with coriander and sea salt to season. 

Introducing Euphoria.

A great beer needs a great label. Whilst I love our normal designs, we wanted to add another collaborative element to the project, and the collaboration template is designed to allow custom illustration. Becka Crozier, who does incredible illustration, was the natural choice and I just had to get them involved with doing the label! They have a really keen eye, and did a great job capturing the themes of togetherness and connection in a beatiful label, brought together for print with the guidance of Studio Parr.

Each can of Euphoria sold will donate 50p to LGBTQ+ causes, as chosen by myself, Lily and Jake. We are currently intending that the proceeds will be split between SupportU, Reading Red Corner and the Queer Brewing Foundation. This blog post will be updated with progress.

When I arrived in Reading 3 years ago I found an awesome community via Reading Red Corner. I had never done a contact sport before nor had I ever been to a community gym before. Knowing that I was accepted there was the reason that I am now interested in Muay Thai boxing. 

This year I’ve been privileged enough to have top surgery which was incredibly important for me to better my quality of life. I am still battling to get access to hormone therapy, but I’m hopeful for the future.

In the words of Laura Jane Grace and Against Me!, “...we can't choose how we're made.” It’s true, we can’t, but we can choose to support those choosing to change, grow and be comfortable with themselves. I really hope you enjoy this beer, thank you for supporting the idea and the good causes it supports.  

Euphoria is available in can and on keg from Friday 3rd September. It’s available from our online shop, Tap Yard, and your favourite craft beer shop or bar. If it’s not there - ask them! Further information is available on the following links.

Queer Brewing

Loddon Brewery

Support U

Reading Red Corner


LAUNCH - Mother Kelly's will be helping to launch this beer, featuring it on Keg at their Bethnal Green (E2), Stratford (E20) and Vauxhall (SE1) sites, and in cans at the Stoke Newington (N16) Bottleshop. Not only that, it will be the feature product on their brand new webshop, find that here - http://order.motherkellys.co.uk/


A special collaborative beer to celebrate inclusivity in our industry. Euphoria is a kiwi and lime gose with delicate sourness, beautiful citrus aromas and a clean, refreshing finish. For every can sold, 50p will be donated to brilliant LGBTQ+ causes selected by Lily (Queer Brewing), Jake (Loddon Brewery) and Erik (Siren).


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