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Welcome to the 11th Anniversary Celebration! A very special line up of beers and merch available while stocks last.

11th Anniversary

Birthday number eleven for us is all about reflections, mirror images and repeating good patterns that have allowed us to keep doing what we do all this time. The inspiration started with the number 11 itself, but going back to our Siren routes, the theme also unlocks some very fun stories in Ancient Greek mythology. In addition to our Anniversary Barley Wine, Maiden, we have three very special releases to share with you. Rest assured that no effort has been spared in making these beers look and taste the best they possibly can.

Black Mirror | 8% Stout
Features layers of cacao and hand-toasted coconut, pouring thick with a rich Belgian chocolate flavour. This evolution of 2022's Candour is a birthday stout truly dialed up to 11.

Times Eleven | 5.2% Helles Lager
Follows in the footsteps of brewer's favourite Times Ten from last year. This Helles-style lager was brewed for 121 days, and brings beautiful floral and tangerine aroma from the German hops.

Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats On Oats | 8% DIPA
A comeback celebration with Kings & Daughters Brew Co, using an infinite amount of oats for a soft mouthfeel. Yes, you have to say the full beer name.

Maiden 2023 | 10% Barley Wine
The first beer we ever brewed remains a yearly staple to our birthday celebrations. It's a blend of barley wine aged in a multitude of barrels, sourced from the finest wine and spirit producers worldwide.

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