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Sour beers are some of the most refreshing, vibrant and thirst-quenching beers you can find. Whether you like fruited sours, kettle sours or wild beers, check out our mouth-puckering range here.

Sour IPA

Sour beers have existed for as long as all beer has existed – because before refrigeration and brewing science advances, bacteria and yeast would have found their way into almost anything that was brewed, particularly when aged or stored in wooden barrels. Sour beers today have an intentionally acidic, tart, tangy or sour taste which can be thirst-quenching, palate refreshing and often pair brilliantly with food. They're perfect for people who enjoy white wines or ciders, looking for an entry into craft beer, as the profiles of these drinks have many similarities. We're proud to offer sour beers in many different styles to suit all tastes. Calypso is a modern example of a Berliner Weisse, dry-hopped for a fruity edge. We also have examples of Sour IPA such as Pompelmocello. Sour beers can be packed full of fruit, or clean and sharp. Find your new favourite sour beer here.

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