100th Brew Celebration

This blog post was originally posted in May 2014. We may have got a bit more wordy with our blogs nowadays, but it's nice to look back on the origins of Shattered Dream, which gets a new release on 24th April 2020.

Luckily for you all, there's also a plan to put this year's brew into barrels. More on that to come.

Here's the original blog:

To celebrate our 100th batch we wanted to do something to highlight one of our favourite core beers. Over the last year or so we have brewed a few stouts, Caribbean Chocolate Cake being the latest, but with this we wanted to take an existing beer and give it a shot in the arm.

There's more Coffee, added cacao nibs and a huge helping of vanilla as well as an increase in alcohol to 9.8%. This all takes Broken Dream to Shattered Dream.

This was a big beer to brew and to get the quantity we wanted, it ended up being a double batch, but it's worth it. It should be shortly winging its way into the various markets in keg, a few casks and 330ml bottles. And with 800L of it transferred to Banyuls, Bourbon and Brandy for ageing will make Shattered Dream a two part enjoyment.