Written by Tim

A truly Craft Beer Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re anything like me, you’re most excited about the Christmas dinner. The roast is the king of dinners, and the Christmas Roast is the king of roasts. Over the last year, we’ve done a number of food pairing evenings here at the Tap Yard, so I thought I’d look at what to drink on Christmas day.

There’s a lot of tradition when it comes to things like Christmas, so let’s break the mould and make this a truly craft beer Chrimbo!

Introducing the Siren guide to Christmas Day drinks!

Christmas Morning

I imagine it’s not just Santa (all those Brandies left out for him must add up, even for a big lad) who wakes up on the 25th with a bit of a hangover. Often the best solution is a nice glass of something fizzy. Usually, it’s the classic combination of breakfast orange juice and champagne (or you know, Supermarket brand sparkling wine).

So let’s mix it up a bit. Introducing Brut Romance, our Strawberry Brut IPA. It’s got all you need for your morning tipple. The dry brut aspect will remind you the finest champagnes, perfectly balanced with the slight sweet hint of strawberry.

This day is starting well.


Christmas Lunch

By the time you’re sitting down to lunch, there’s probably wrapping paper and new gadgets strewn everywhere. It’s time to kick back and indulge yourself. Let’s face it, Chrimbo lunches are massive and you don’t want anything too gassy - you need a nice ‘sipper’. Our flagship Liquid Mistress, a Red IPA that pairs perfectly with meaty gravy and vegetables. The toasted biscuit base and malty aroma enhances the rich flavours of a roast we all know and love.

You may also want something a bit lighter, and for this, Yu Lu steps up to the plate. At just 3.6%, our flagship Loose Leaf Pale Ale can truly be enjoyed all day long if you want. The subtle tea flavours and fresh citrus notes pair perfectly with a big rich meal.


The Toast

We’re back to bubbles, and as the head of the family stands to make a toast to no one starting a huge argument yet, everyone needs a charged glass. This year, make yours a big glass of Cuvée Brut IPA. Our 3rd iteration of a Brut IPA, it’s dry,  yet still an absolute juice bomb; we’ll drink to that!

Christmas Pudding

If you’re not already completely stuffed, it’s time for some delicious Christmas Pudding. With such big, deep, rich flavours you need something to cut through with a big of sharpness. The ideal accompaniment here is Uncle Zester, a sour citrus Braggot (beer/mead hybrid) made with bags of barrel-aged honey, and lemons.

Another option is our favourite Sour IPA, Pompelmocello, with its big Grapefruit flavours and sharp tang, it will match up to a fruit Christmas pudding perfectly.


The Afternoon

The Queen’s speech is done and dusted and everyone is sat watching a parade of Christmas Specials; you start flagging and need something a bit lighter. How about a Gin and Tonic? Well, this being craft beer Christmas, make it a Spin Botany, our 3.6% Gin and Tonic Gose, loaded with all the botanics to make the perfect G&T.


Cheese & Biscuits

Just when you think you couldn’t eat another thing, someone gets out the cheese and biscuits. There’s always room for cheese & biscuits. Normally, you might pair a nice red wine, or port with your fromage, but we have the perfect replacements. Trubbel, a strong Belgian ale aged in red wine and bourbon barrels. It’s deep roasty notes and red wine influence works perfectly with soft and hard cheeses alike.

I also can’t recommend Maiden 2017 enough. Maiden is our annual barley wine blend and it’s just superb. It has the warmth of brandy, and all the flavours of rums, red wines and whiskey. The caramel, fig and warming booziness make for an unctuous pairing, especially with Blue Cheese & Italian Hard Cheeses. This is truly a dream pairing.

Christmas Specials

Whilst this year’s Christmas comedy is dominating the TV, you need a few beers in you to get the laughter flowing. A nice big IPA is the answer, and they don’t get much better than Low Side. This was a collab brew with Finback, from New York, renowned for their great IPAs. The collab did not disappoint! You might also try a Cradle of Culture, a sour Double IPA. Sour DIPA, I hear you ask… does that even work?

Hell yeah it works.


Late Evening

Grandpa’s asleep in his chair, there’s already gadgets been broken and you’ve all agreed that that Christmas special just didn’t live up to the hype. It’s time to wind down. The perfect answer to that is a big imperial stout in the form of Mind on my Honey. With a hint of chilli and bags of honey sweetness, it will help you drift of into a deep Christmas sleep, covered in tinsel and cheese cracker crumbs.

Of course, as always and wherever you are, drink responsibly this Christmas! 

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Whatever you’re doing this year, have fun, eat lots and don’t drink and drive.

Merry Christmas from all at Siren Craft Brew!