Written by Tim

Affogato and Tate Roastery

So there’s one thing we don’t want to mention at the moment, but I’m afraid we’ll have to. Coronavirus, Covid-19, pandemic, the lockdown… call it what you want it’s caused an awful lot of disruption this year. For us here at Siren, it meant scrapping our plans for this year’s Project Barista. But you know, if that’s the worst that happens to us then we’ve got off lightly. Our hearts continue to go out to everyone affected by all this, and our 20% discount for NHS staff continues. 

But, as is the way with the British, we keep calm and carry on (can’t believe I just used that). Project Barista as an event and showcase of coffee inspired beers, styles and techniques may have been on the scrap heap but that didn’t mean we couldn’t do something. 

So, we looked back on those times we’ve asked you all what you’d like to see rebrewed (yes, we do listen, and no Acid Jam isn’t coming back). Overwhelming, one Italian dessert themed beer kept being mentioned… 6% Coffee Ice Cream Ale, Affogato

And quite frankly, we agreed. So in lieu of a full Project Barista this year we decided to bring back this cult hit of a beer.. 

Some of you may remember “Thousand Things IPA”, which we collaborated with Tate on. Whilst doing that beer we discussed their roastery - our interest wasn’t just piqued, it was confirmed. We were due to work with the roastery at Tate on this year’s project for the first time, so asked them if they might be interested in helping us with this beer instead.

The Tate Roastery is really special. 

It’s set in the historic grounds of Tate Britain in Westminster and is home to Tate’s GEP - The Gender Equality Project - and Slot Roasting Collective. Completely community led and non-profit, the profits of the roastery help to not only fund the Tate Gallery, but also champions coffee producers of all genders throughout the world.  

“In the Roastery at Tate we value and invest in the relationships, quality, equality and sustainability of our coffee.”

What the gender equality project means is that every kilo of coffee they buy is sourced equally between female and male producers. Specifically, this helps to champion female coffee producers and family farmers worldwide. 

Their belief, and something we echo, is that by creating equality in their supply chain they contribute to the wellbeing and happiness of the families and communities they work with. This in turn brings a new wave of development, sustainability and increased coffee quality. 

It’s an admirable stance, one that might not always be the best for business, but it is best for the future of the world. We’ll raise a toast to that. 

For the past few years, the team have been visiting coffee growing municipalities to speak with, learn from and ultimately purchase from women and family growers. 

The coffee used for this Affogato brew is Trio De Mulheres, from Brazil, and comes as part of those visits. 

Leda Pereira Lima’s farm, Fazenda Nova Esperança, was bought by her husband, Leo, in 1973, who sadly passed away in the same year. This left Leda needing to quickly learn about coffee farming - something that she has since dedicated her life to. 

Leda is now 87 and it is her daughter, Arabella who helps to manage the farm. Together they are growing not only incredible coffee, but a sustainable farm with accommodation for staff and a bright future. 

In Affogato, this coffee helps enhance the flavours of the hops and the touch of sweetness from the vanilla, whilst also adding a punch of coffee aroma and flavour. We hope you’re all loving Affogato as much as we are… grab it whilst you can, it won’t be around for long! 

  • Affogato

    Coffee and Ice Cream Ale | 6%