Awesome Beers for The City

Next week, we rock into London to attend the London Craft Beer Festival at the Oval.  We love these events where we get to pour our beer and talk to you guys and to talk about our beers.  And we have an awesome lineup.  It was important to the organisers that we cater for a wide range of tastes and not just the experienced guys looking for something completely new and out there, so 3 of our core beers are well accounted for during the sessions.  We are also bringing along our Limoncello IPA as well as the first keg of Whiskey Sour, which is Limoncello that has been aged in Bourbon Barrels with maraschino cherries and orange peel. We will also be bringing along a one and only keg of Undercurrent that has been aged in white wine barrels for over 3 months dosed with Brett and then dry hopped with Hallertauer Blanc.  Both of these beers will only be available in bottles so this will be your only chance to try them on keg. Limoncello IPA Half Mast Liquid Mistress Saison Pilot No 1 – Single Hopped Vic Secret Broken Dream The Big Inflatable Cowboy Hat Soundwave Whiskey Sour - New Undercurrent Aged in White Wine Barrels with Brett & Dry Hopped with Hallertauer Blanc