Written by Tim

Hello folks, we’re back with some more fantastic collabs that we can’t wait to tell you about! With these three, there’s something for everyone.

Accept All Cookies

Let us start by asking you to Accept All Cookies. Yes, our beer now uses technology to collect information about its use to help us provide you with a good drinking experience and to allow us to improve the imperial stouts we offer. 

Sort of.

Well, not quite. But GDPR and changing privacy policies have been all the rage of late. When Slim Pickens came back into town and a big stout inspired by the American cereal, Cookie Crisp, was agreed upon, we put two and two together and got a 9.3% monster of a delicious beer.

On the subject of Cookies (the tech type), you may have noticed on our new site that each beer now has a brew sheet with a list of hops, malts and adjuncts included. I can’t recall a beer with quite as many adjuncts, so let me tell you a but about what’s gone into this brew.

* deep breath *

We’ve got barley and hops of course. Then we have wheat and oats for the mouth feel and flavours. Muscovado, Sucrose and Lactose for that punch of sweetness.  Chocolate nibs and shells, along with Vanilla and Vanilla extract add that those big rich cookie-esque flavours, rounded off with some aged French Oak. All this lends itself to a big, rich but wholly moreish impy-stout. @Slim Pickens - come back soon.

Accept All Cookies is available online now for our e-mail subscribers, pours first at Port Street Beer House from today as part of our takeover and will be widely available from the weekend!


Hawaiian Shake

Regular viewers of our Instagram Story may have seen the Tap Yard expertly turned into a Hawaiian wonderland recently, to celebrate the launch of our collaboration with the wonderful Basqueland, hailing from Spain.

Introducing a Coconut and Passion Fruit Milkshake IPA that’s off the hook.

Our Head Brewer, Kyle, has wanted to experiment with coconut for a while and it was Founder Darron who suggested the Passion Fruit element to help round it off. Basqueland came in and helped with ratios. Coconut is a beautiful ingredient but it can become a bit ‘sun creamy’. This is so well balanced that the coconut shines through, without being in any way overbearing.

The first thing you notice with this beer is the aroma. Now, I know that’s fairly obvious, but seriously this packs a hell of a punch. You get that classic big fruit hit of a hoppy IPA on overload. Speaking personally for a moment here, not often am I left salivating so much for a beer on first sniff!

Then, as you taste, you’re lying on a beach watching a stunning sunset with about 7 different cocktails served in coconuts and pineapples. A full mouthfeel rounds off a citrusy, mango, tropical fruit and coconut experience that will leave you begging for more.

Brew wise, we’ve got late hop kettle additions of Mosaic, Citra, Columbus and Simcoe, with a further dry-hopping of more Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe and some additional Wolf. This is all topped off with some Toasted Coconut, fresh passion fruit, vanilla and lactose.

Hawaiian Shake is available on the website and to trade right now.


Mind on my Honey

A few weeks back, Superstition Meadery came to brew and I got a heads up that ‘some honey’ was being added to the collab brew. Some Honey, as it turned out, was what seemed like endless big buckets worth. It was quite a sight, and an incredible smell.

So why all the honey? Well, for a long time Kyle has wanted to experiment with a BBQ inspired beer. Superstition hail from Arizona, known for BBQ, Mexican Food and chillis and when they showed up with charred Hach Chillis fate was set.

Yes folks, a BBQ inspired Imperial Stout Braggot with smoked chilli peppers and creamed honey. 

Hungry yet?

Well you should be. You know those beers that someone says “Oh, this would be nice used in such and such a recipe…” Well, if someone doesn’t make some sort of sticky rib glaze out of this then I’ll quit my job*. By the way, don’t forget to check out the recipe section of the new site!

So let me tell you about this brew. In true collab fashion, this uses both our own and Superstition’s house yeasts. Starting with a big imperial base mash with about 30% dark malt, we added the smoked chilli and masses of honey - 80% in the kettle and the final 20% fed to the brew over 4 days. Post fermentation we added some Morita chillis (smoked jalapeños) and just before packaging a final full-flavoured Mexican Blossom Honey was added before pasteurisation to maintain the honey profile.

Chilli beers can sometimes be crowd splitters, but this has to be tasted. It’s big, it’s ballsy, it’s sweet, it’s rich and it has a warming hint of chilli.

Mind on My Honey will be available soon… watch this space!


*I will; I will make a sticky rib glaze.