Copenhagen to fall for the Sirens

Siren Craft Brew is set to charm our way into the folds of the Copenhagen Beer Celebration, held by Mikeller. Obviously it is a huge honour to be invited, and we plan to bring some interesting ideas to the party.Unfortunately we cannot say exactly what we are doing as we have promised to keep it a secret so the organisers can have some of the fun in announcing what will be going on, and fair play to them. If you didn't make it last year, CBC has already become one of the most sought after beer festivals in Europe to go to. This year promises to be even better than last so we are very excited. Just to tease any of you who are lucky enough to have a ticket, CBC will have a sneak preview of some barrel aging experiments we have been running as well as some highly individual cask products that form the basis of beers we have in the pipeline. Exciting stuff indeed.