Written by Richard & Tim

February Newsletter

Welcome to the shortest month of the year – and we’ve got a lot to cram in! Our 10th Anniversary is just around the corner, Six Nations is back on the telly (order your Try Hard mixed case or watch live at the Tap Yard), and we’ve got some other exciting updates to share with you; so here’s our monthly review of what's happened, and look forward to what's coming up.

Spin The Bottle 

We’ve swapped out ‘7 minutes in heaven’ for 8 wonderful prizes to be won – there are no losers in our new Spin the Bottle game! From free delivery, all the way up to a jackpot £100 worth of beer credit to be won, test your luck, and have a spin. You’ll only get the one chance to win, but with such great prizes at stake, this isn’t one you’ll want to miss. 



This past month, you absolutely smashed Tryanuary and showed your love for some incredible craft beers. We hope you had the chance to try something new in our #Tryanuary mixed case, and with the 20% discount we had on a wide variety of beers, we’re delighted to have helped you save over £3000 this January! 

Our most popular beers included Nitro Barrel Aged Shattered Dream, One in A Million, How the Turntables and Salted Caramel Affogato (Now sold out!). 

Fridge Fillers 

Brand new for February, we’ve introduced Pastel Pils, our Great Taste award winning (and gluten-free!) pilsner into our classic fridge pack range. Our popular lager joins the ranks of Soundwave, Lumina, and Yu Lu, and will soon earn its rightful spot in your kitchen fridge – convenient AND supremely drinkable. 

Click here to buy Pastel Pils Four Pack.

10th Anniversary 

This is the big one, 10 years in the making. We’ve got so much in store for you this year, and we’ll be kicking off with a celebration at our Finchampstead brewery on the 18th March. Tickets are on sale now, on a first come, first served basis. We’ll have more updates soon, but you can expect a fantastic Saturday out with around 30 lines pouring throughout the day, and food vendors on site. 

The 24th March is another date you’ll want to stick in your calendar. We’re releasing a 4 massive anniversary beers this year – but more on those later (we don’t want to spoil the fun). 

If you’ve not found us here through our mailing list, be sure to sign up to ensure you’re among the first to hear of further exciting updates. 

At the time of writing, tickets are already more than 80% sold out, so don't delay!

Staff Changes

Last month, our Tap Yard manager Jess made the decision to leave Siren, due to a relocation. We’re very sad to see her go, but with two dogs, a new home, and a shiny new ring on her finger, we’re excited to see what the future has in store and wish her the best of luck. We have a new Tap Yard manager lined up, and we can’t wait to introduce them to you very soon. 

Suspended in Pubs

This month, our good friends at Clays Kitchen & Bar opened their new site on Prospect Street, in Caversham. A few days before opening we hosted an amazing Food and Beer pairing event and let me tell you, if you didn't come then you really missed out! 

Nadana, the magician behind Clays, put together an incredible 5 course menu, which we paired with our beers, as well as a bonus couple of beers. Food pairing is always something we take seriously, and we looked at the ingredients and flavour profiles of the dishes, and matched them with the malt and hop profiles of the beers. 

The results were great, and there was some fantastic feedback - make sure you look out for the next event! 

As for Clays, as of 1st February, their doors are now opened and there are two parts to the restaurant. Firstly, the main restaurant for sit down meals. Nandana's menu is incredible and the food is always amazing. The second section is the bar area, for small plates, beer and cocktails. 

We're delighted to have 4 permanent lines of Siren Craft Brew beer pouring, so there's always something for everyone! 

Having garnered some incredible reviews from the likes of Jay Rayner and Tom Parker-Bowles, we suggest you get down to Clays soon, you won't regret it. 

Feefo Gold 

For the second year running, we’re delighted to have been awarded the Feefo Gold Trusted Service Award, which recognises the standout performance of our online order process. This has earnt us a shiny gold badge, which we must admit looks very pretty on our website. This award means a lot to us, as it’s based on genuine (and trusted) feedback from our everyday customers. 

If you didn’t know, each month we pick a review at random and award £40 worth of beer credit. In January, our winner had just a 1 in 11 chance of claiming this prize! If you want to be in the running, just tick the box for leaving a Feefo review when you next checkout on our web shop, and you’ll automatically be entered into the draw once you’ve left a review. 

January Release Roundup 

We’ve seen some fantastic new releases in January. In case you’ve missed them (and if you have, you’re in for a treat), here they are: 

Nitro Barrel Aged Shattered Dream – 13.3% Imperial Breakfast Stout 

You read that right – 13.3%. We’ve resurrected Shattered Dream, a scaled-up version of our award-winning flagship stout Broken Dream, and given it the barrel aged treatment. This luxurious rendition has been slumbering in bourbon barrels for 30 months, before being hit with cacao, coffee, and vanilla after blending. Expect decadent milk chocolate flavours in abundance, with an edge of warming whiskey and subtle vanilla wafer notes from the barrels. 

Click here to buy Nitro BA Shattered Dream

How The Turntables – 3.4% Table Beer 

The winter season is not just for heavy hitting impy stouts.  Light and delicate with bags of flavour at a sessionable strength, this table beer pours with a gentle haze, inviting you into a harmony of Citra, El Dorado and Amarillo hops, supported by subtle pale malts. Expect mango, pineapple and zesty orange notes with popping aroma and a soft mouthfeel.​ 

Click here to buy How The Turntables

High Stakes – 12.6% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout  

An exceptional and ambitious chilli-chocolate-bourbon-honey-salted-caramel-imperial-milk dream. A blend of stout, wood and rich ingredients delivers an intriguing yet comforting, smokey and delectably sweet experience. 

Click here to buy High Stakes

High Times – 7.2% Barrel Aged Wild Ale 

A light, tart and accomplished wild ale with Saison and Brett yeasts working in tandem. Expect notes of white grape and floral tea leaves, orchard fruits and hedgerow berries, wrapped up in creamy oak. 

Click here to buy High Times

Oringin Story – 10% Limited Edition Imperial Stout 

A very special edition of Origin Story with beautiful zesty orange. Elsewhere, this beer is full of rich malts - expect caramel, honey, nuttiness, chocolate, coffee, and subtle smokiness all coming through with refined depth. Rich residual sugars balance with oak tannins to keep the beer drinkable, moreish and spectacularly flavoursome. 

Click here to buy Oringin Story

Caribbean Chocolate Mole Cake – 8.8% Tropical Stout with Cacao, Cypress & Spice 

The return of a king. We have a limited amount of Mole left from a Canadian shipment in 2022 that we were lucky enough to get out hands on.  An extravagant spin on Caribbean Chocolate Cake, one of our all-time favourite beers, brewed in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing. We're taking inspiration from Mexican Mole in a carefully balanced crescendo of heart-warming chilli, chocolate, spices and wood. 

Click here to buy Mole CCC

Desert Flame – 4.2% Red IPA 

A beautiful Red IPA built with a host of rich speciality malts. We've used Simcoe, Amarillo and Eclipse hops for some balancing bitterness, resinous pine, and zesty orange notes. 

Click here to buy Desert Flame

Lumberjack – 4% Nitro Porter with Bourbon Maple Oak 

This porter is all about flavour and body. Here we have minimal roast character, focussing on the rich chocolatey malts without losing any toasty depth or nuttiness. For some extra indulgence, we've spun the beer on bourbon barrel oak which has been infused with maple syrup! 

Click here to buy Lumberjack

Unstoppable Force & Immovable Object – 6% Twin IPAs 

Two irresistible IPAs with joint base recipe – but one with Citra and the other with Simcoe. Oily, resinous, and vibrant, both of these beers are supported by an undertone of new crop Mosaic hops, and drink with a beautifully soft mouthfeel with moreish bitterness on the finish. Try them together and choose your winner! 

Click here to buy Unstoppable Force and Immovable Object