Funkier Feet - We Don't Recommend Ageing

  Last month after much anticipation we were finally able to release Funkier Feet, our 100% Brett barrel fermented wild ale in collaboration with Stillwater Artisinal. The beer has been on some journey, having been blended with Le Grappin Rosé Wine, aged further on wine grapes for three months and spending around 30 months in barrels overall. Just to push the release back even further, we then kept the bottles back for another two weeks longer than anticipated while the bottle conditioning took place. Alarm bells were ringing for us at this point, as we waited on reaching a carbonation level that we were satisfied with. If it didn't reach that point we'd have been in the unenviable position of needing to re-pitch yeast into 3,000 or so bottles - no one in the brewhouse was queuing up for that job! Eventually, however, our daily testing came up trumps and we were able to let you all taste this beer that we'd been excited about for so long. But there's a catch. It has come to our attention that a few of these bottles have now gone too far the other way and are lively upon opening, or as one of our followers on Twitter put it: "beer was keen to leave the bottle." While your bottle may or may not behave in this manner, we'd like to advise everyone as follows:
  • Keep Funkier Feet upright and refrigerated, or if this isn't possible, keep it in the next best cool and dark place you have available.
  • Pour at an angle straight into a glass, advisably over a sink, draining board or outside. Have a second glass on-hand just in case!
  • We'd recommend you drink the beer in the near future and don't cellar it. We'd aged it enough, honestly!
Please email us on [email protected] if you have any further questions or queries on Funkier Feet bottles.