Gutter in Name, Noble Intentions

So with all of the new beers we have released and collab'd on over the last few months, this little cutie didn't get much airtime, so let's change that.

Whilst a whole bunch of brewers were crossing the atlantic to head towards Copenhagen Beer Celebration, John from the newly formed Off Color (American spelling) got together with us to brew a very special beer. John, pictured below, recently left Goose Island where he was in charge of all the exciting creations coming out of their barrel room.  So it's fair to say they have a great pedigree and will be brewing some exciting stuff. Off_Color_090 So on to the beer in question : Biere de Goutiere is a Belgian Saison style fermented with brett and dry hopped with the noble Hallataeur Mittelfhur and Crystal hop.  So what you get is a slightly woody herbal note with a beautiful soft peach aroma, but this cheeky bottle will develop as the dry hop notes fade away and the brett develops and takes hold.  We wouldn't want to be so bold to say a bit like an Orval, but you get the picture. Fantastic drinking now, but savour a few to see how it develops. Biere de Goutiere   By the way - check out this awesome video from the off color guys - it will give you feel for what they are like;