Written by Tim & Richard

July Newsletter


Our first year pouring at the event, Endure24 stands as a pilgrimage for many runners; a 24 hour long running relay where endurance knows no bounds. Our own JD, who keeps the canning line running smoothly, attended yet again as an event regular, this year running for Alzheimer’s UK and raising a massive £1,420 for charity, which we will be doubling.

It was a hot weekend, and to quote JD, he was “fantasising about a cold Pastel Pils 35 miles in”. Needless to say, he was rewarded thanks to the events team on our massive Endure bar, who served up well over 2000 pints of brewery-fresh beer.

Well done to everyone who ran - we'll see you next year! 

Lumina Hour

To celebrate the third anniversary of our best-selling beer, Lumina, we released Illuminati – a double IPA variant of Lumina clocking in at 8.4% - thick, juicy, and unmistakably part of the Lumina genome. Alongside this launch, we released birthday boxes and launched a very special campaign - Lumina Hour.

Lumina Hour came about as part of our vow to donate to (a minimum of) ten good causes this year, as part of our 10th Anniversary celebrations. For Lumina Hour, we set two clear goals; to get Lumina and/or Illuminati pouring in 1,000 venues nationwide, and to get #LuminaHour trending. If achieved, we would donate £10,000 to charity. 

Last Friday, we did indeed get Lumina trending, and we first and foremost want to extend a massive thank you to all of those who indulged us in this little social experiment. Whilst we didn't set twitter ablaze, or break the internet exactly, we had a lot of fun. 

We're not done with this campaign yet, and we'll have a full debrief blog on it coming soon, along with exactly where the money is going! 

The Fox & Hounds

We couldn’t talk about Lumina without dropping a very special mention to one of our local independent venues, The Fox and Hounds. The team at the Fox were the first venue to ever pour Lumina on draft back in 2020, and have since become one of our permanent line holders – you’ll always find a fresh pint of Lumina and Soundwave at the Fox and Hounds! They’re no stranger to our special releases either and are always a key launch site for our most exciting new beers.

Our friendship with The Fox has only grown since the pandemic, and we’ve even been lucky enough to use their venue for our staff Christmas parties the past couple of years. Last year we enjoyed a goliath tap takeover with around 16 different Siren beers pouring, for everyone to enjoy!

General Manager Kev has been a key Siren supporter since his beginnings at the Fox and Hounds, and will always pop by to say hello at beer festivals (most recently Bristol Beer Festival), and he’s a regular VIP at our own hosted festivals.
If you’d like to hear more from Kev on his fantastic pub, check out this video interview from 2020 below

The Fox and Hounds Interview

Staff Down Day

Last Monday, we had our annual staff "down day". Essentially, a day to down tools, stop production, close the laptops and have some fun. After a morning of Laser Tag, with some dubious decisions and a Blue Team win we all headed back to the Tap Yard for some food and beers. A big thank you to Bombayish for providing the absolutely delicious food! 


This month, we were asked by Cloudwater to take part in their MASHUP project. They took 8 breweries, randomly paired them up and then asked each pair to brew a beer mashing up a beer from each brewery. We were delighted to be drawn with Newbarns, co-founded by former Siren brewer, Gordon. 

With literally many 100s of beers to choose from, deciding on the Mashup wasn’t easy. But, we knew we wanted to create something with a story.

Gordon was instrumental in developing our spinbot, and was involved in our early ‘Digit Series’ with To Ol. Middle Finger Discount was the single hop mosaic beer of the set, spun on cedar wood. Newbarns always put drinkability at the front and centre of what they want to achieve when making beer. 

Bringing their incredible Super Gold to the table, which is one of our favourite lagers, Super Gold Finger Discount uses the beautiful crisp malt base, alongside the huge Mosaic of Middle Finger Discount, topped off with a spin of Cedar Wood that somehow makes it even more drinkable.. I can already see this beer being brewed again, or maybe we take what we’ve learned and brew something new along the style - yay for collaboration! 


A number of this month's releases have been collaborations, so it presented the perfect opportunity to write about what collaborating means to us and why we do it. Check out our latest blog by clicking the link below! 


Jack & Boule

If you haven't been to Jack & Boule on the South Bank in London yet, get down there soon! It's an amazing spot and an absolute sun trap. You may have never played Boules, but that's ok - it's easy enough to pick up and super fun. We went down as a team and we can tell you that it can get very competitive! Of course, there's a fully stocked Siren bar there, as well as some amazing Street Food providers. 


June Releases

Here's a roundup of all the beers released this month: 

Slam Duck - 8% DIPA (Collab with Duckpond Brewing)

As Nikola from Duckpond Brewing was in the UK with his band Millencolin, big fans in the Siren team lined up this special collaboration. Our punchy DIPA is loaded up with Mosaic, Citra and Strata CGX for big tropical fruit character, harmonised by stone fruit notes from our house yeast. Fresh & juicy.


Long Levers - 10.5% Imperial Stout (Collab with Sofia Electric Brewing)

We're welcoming back former brewer, barrel whisperer and part-time spin bowler Aiden, who now leads brewing at Sofia Electric in Bulgaria. The concept here is to deliver a straight-up Imperial Stout, boasting big, bold coffee and chocolate notes, without the use of any adjuncts. A complex malt base builds body, flavour and moreish richness.


Super Gold Finger Discount - 4.8% Pale Ale with Mosaic & Cedar Wood (Collab with Newbarns Brewery)

Using the Siren spinbot, the 100% Mosaic dry hop and bright, spicy Cedar Wood of Middle Finger Discount is layered into the drinkability and premium crispness of Super Gold.


Illuminati - 8.4% Double Lumina DIPA

Since launching in 2020, Lumina has become our most popular beer and a firm favourite for everyone at the brewery. To celebrate its 3rd birthday, we've decided to go stratospheric with a doubled-up version. As a special treat, Illuminati features exclusive Luminosa hops, adding peach, mango and candied orange aromas to the amplified Lumina profile.


Send Me More Sunshine - 7.4% Massive Mango Sour (Collab with Slim Pickens)

You know who to call when you need a fresh slice of sunshine and some Floridian vibes. Siren x Slim Pickens are back in collaboration, loading up with oats, wheat, well over a tonne of Alphonso mango purée (literally) and a generous helping of feel-good vanilla. A smooth and sour tropical treat.