Keeping Up

It's certainly been a stellar first year.

Not only have we grown out of the first unit we were in (to be fair that's only because we like barrel aging) but we have now grown out of two units and have occupied a third.  The space required to run a brewery is quite unbelievable.  Whether it's for empty kegs & casks or bottles to fill or bottles and casks to wait while they condition & carbonate and thats not including the actual brewing space, or ingredients storage space.


 As well as this new space we have ordered new tanks to increase capacity by nearly 80% (this takes us to being able to brew about 90,000 pints per month) but most exciting of all we have a shiny new bottling line due to arrive by the end of July.

Cimec 12 Head

 Up until now our bottling has been outsourced or hand bottled and we feel that quality has suffered somewhat during this time.  Our new bottling line will minimise oxygen pickup which will increase our shelf life and fresh taste for a lot longer.

 On top of this we have invested in a number of lab items to again monitor our consistency and quality to make sure you get what you expect and hope from Siren.

DO Meter

 So whilst we are looking to grow, absolutley top of our mind is to hold ourselves to the highest standards to go with some our outrageous and creative beers.