Written by Team Siren

Siren Craft Brew - Mini Kegs

We're delighted to add 5L Mini Kegs to our available selection both online and within the Tap Yard. 

Here are the take home points for the new Mini Keg lineup: 

  •  More beer will be 'mini-kegged' in the coming weeks
  •  The stock will be updated on the website as and when we fill them... we'll update via social media and the mailing list
  •  Currently we're accepting online orders only, they're not available to buy in the Tap Yard over the counter.

  •  If collecting an order from the Tap Yard that includes a mini keg, please wait for your email notification to say that it's ready (sometimes these will be filled to order)
  •  We recommend to keep them refrigerated and open with 7 days of purchase. Drink within 24 hours of opening (However in general, the fresher the better)

With the summer months ahead and all of us destined to spend more time at home, there's no better time for these little beauties to appear on the webshop. With a generous 5 litre capacity, you can have plenty of brewery fresh keg beer right there on tap in your home. 

We CO2 purge each keg before filling and we're recommending to keep them refrigerated. That way, the beer will be completely on point for 7 days... not that we expect it to make it that long!

To start with, we've got 2 varieties available: Soundwave, Refractions, Suspended in Wai-iti and Every Second Matters

Keep your eyes peeled for other beers in the coming weeks. 

Here's a (albeit rather cheesy) video with some instructions on how to use them... as you'll see, it's pretty simple stuff!

The great thing about Huber is that they're also Climate Neutral - read more about that here.