New Year, New Goings On

There is so much going on at the moment that its hard to get the time to tell you all about it, so here is a whistle stop, fast paced tour of January at Siren. First things first, the base for next years Maiden (our anniversary Barley Wine) was brewed, a few small tweaks to last year, namely a little less hops and extremely long boil to aid caramelisation.  Some of this may find its way into the blend for Maiden 2014 which takes place on the 28th Jan with the help of Alex from East London Liquor Co and Andrew from wine producer Le Grappin.  We are also very busy planning our party for this release which promises to be awesome. Ryan and Andy Parker @tabamatu, soon to be professional brewer Elusive Brew got together to put a recipe for brewing New Years eve with the aim of being around the 4% mark and interesting.  Dinner For One was conceived and if you fancy a little competition head over to Andy's blog if you know where the name came from.  Dinner For One is a sessionable quaffable beer with a big percentage of vienna malt and full of lots of specialty german hops that caught Andy's eye on entering the cold room.  This has just started to hit the pubs on both cask and keg and will be a huge hit and another showcase for what to expect from Andy when he gets going. On top of this we have been redesigning our non core bottle labels, and whilst we are waiting to finalise them (they look cool and much more in line with the feel of our core beers) we are gathering quite the list that we need labels for.  Such as Liquid Monsterous, Even More Jesus VIII (Batch II), Love Of Work, Bones of a Sailor Part II & Part III, and 3 new Barrel Aged Broken Dream bottles, just for starters.  So the hope will be that 7 Seas - our seasonal black IPA will be the last bottle in the old design. We are building a new mobile bar, having the new van wrapped, working on heating the tap room, and looking for 3 new team members. phew I need a beer!! If you would like to buy tickets for our anniversary party, here is a handy form below;