Newsflash Rainbow Red : Its not RED!!!

So its out... Our new IPA brewed for our entry in the Rainbow IPA competition with Magic Rock, Partizan, Hawkshead, Kernel, Brodies & Buxton. The idea was to brew something inspired by the colour, and we went Abstract....  No trying to match the colour for us, we wanted to brew something to make you think also. So the discussions ensued following our colour allocation and plenty of word associations were bandied around.  The words sexy, lust, heat and anger seemed to be the most prominent which lead us to think about sin, specifically original sin.  So we had a story, the devil, sin & that apple. So here is our take on the Rainbow Red - a Belgian inspired IPA using Duvel yeast (which means Devil in Flemish) hopped to the eyeballs with loads of US hops and lots of original sin apple juice.We think its amazing, its not red, but now you know why.