November IPA Extravaganza

  Who say's IPAs are best in Summer? We're going into the Winter months with four big hoppy brews, just the way we like them. As you would expect though, each has a twist, making them all worth trying for completely different reasons. So whether you want Sour, Rye, Grapefruit, Blackberries or even English Hops(!), here's what to look out for in November...
Baby WheelBaby Wheel (New England IPA, 7.1% abv) Baby Wheel is an almost all-English hopped IPA* brewed by a Bostonian. All English hops in a Siren beer you ask? Well this is something we ain't ever seen before, and we can't wait to find out what you make of it. This one will be appearing in bars and pubs near you over the next week or so, bonus points to anyone who knows where 'Baby Wheel' gets its name! *One of our brewers couldn't resist a sneaky sprinkling of American hops too.
Ryesing Tides (Rye IPA, 7% abv)Ryesing Tides Ryesing Tides is our seasonal IPA for Autumn. Coming in at 7% abv, Ryesing Tides offers a toasty and velvety-slick malt base from the use of Rye, balanced by a juicy American hop profile bursting with the flavour of tropical fruits and berries. Available in bottle/keg/cask now. Click here to buy online.  
Counting VampiresCounting Vampires (Blackberry IPA, 6.1% abv) According to old English folklore, growing blackberries near your home would ensure that a Vampire couldn't enter. So the tale goes, they would obsessively count the berries and forget what they were there for, or never finish counting! This dark IPA is packed full of fresh blackberries (pictured going in below), so it could offer you some spiritual protection as well as being the tasty first beer from our new Head Brewer. Coming in Keg/Cask/Bottle now. Click here to buy online.  
PompelmocelloPompelmocello IPA (Sour Grapefruit IPA, 6% abv) Last but not least, perhaps the one we're most excited about. Pompelmocello is a tart, sour and puckering grapefruit IPA we're brewing with Grapefruit Juice, Grapefruit Zest, the most grapefruity hop profile we can muster and lactose for a slightly creamy mouthfeel and sweet edge. The first batch of this beer will be going out on keg in the next week, the second batch will be bottled later this month. Fans of Limoncello IPA (or those partial to grapefruit) - take note!
Let us know when you've tried the new IPAs in the comments section below!