Rainbow Apologies

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who worked so hard on this project, including all the breweries, bars and volunteers over the weekend.  However this email is about our web site and the many people who spent a fair amount of time trying to order a case.   We suffered a cyberattack a few months ago which caused our web site to be inoperable which we were able to solve.  Unfortunately this happened again yesterday morning and caused havoc with our web site.  Some people were able to get through to the checkout only for it to fail then. Our web company managed to make some headway against the attacker and a few people were able to get through and place orders. The situation is currently that we have a large number of emails to go through tomorrow and some orders that came through, which we have to check through for duplicates. We are going to do our best to satisfy as many people as we can, but there was a limited number available in the first place and unfortunately not everyone will be able to get one. Personally I am so sorry about the problems everyone has had, I know that some people have spent a lot of time trying to get hold of a case and put people out.  I will be looking to understand everything that went wrong here to make sure that we can keep to the high standards of service that we set and you expect from us.