Rainbow Round 2

Rainbow 7 Hot on the heels of our first Rainbow Collaboration project, we decided to go for it again next year.  But this time the competition is bigger and better.  With a year to plan and no restrictions on style the possibilities are endless and give the brewers plenty of scope to show their creative streak. The second big change to this years competition is to match up each UK brewer with an international brewery, and we have put together a very exciting list. The concept is that each brewery and their counterpart will create a beer inspired by the colour they have been given.  So this could be something astract and more in the inspiration than the colour itself, but is up to each team to decide where their creative juices will take them.  So each brewery will be randomly assigned a colour and an international brewer to work with, they then get a whole year to develop their beer and the hope is to arrange multiple launches in each country represented.  We also aim to bring a bottle pack of each of the 7 beers and include a special Ranbow glass. Each day over the next 7 we will draw a UK brewery, colour and international brewery and tweet to let you know who is teamed up with who.  First up is..... Partizan with colour BLUE and brewing with Mikkeller. Rainbow1