Written by Tim

You may have noticed that it’s gone really damn cold in the last week. Like, really cold. I’d swear about the temperature drop but my Mum might read this and I’d get in trouble. It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was sitting out in my garden in the warm evening sun in my shorts and t-shirt sipping an ice cold Calypso. Halcyon days my friends. Now, driving home from work in the dark is bull…. well, you know.

Autumn is well and truly here, but maybe we need to be more positive about it? There are some damn good things about Autumn, so let’s start again.

The trees are a plethora of shades of orange and red like a tropical sunset and temperatures are dropping. It’s the season for warm scarfs and kicking leaves through the park. It’s a time for stouts, warming whiskeys and yes… Autumnal IPAs. Isn’t Autumn just wonderful?

Yes, yes it is… because it’s the return of Ryesing Tides! Yay for Autumn!

Long time Siren drinkers may remember when we first brewed Ryesing Tides back in 2013. 5 years, 8,286 untappd check ins and a top 50 ratebeer.com rating later and it’s back for its annual appearance.

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure (and I promise you it is…) of trying Ryesing Tides then let me tell you more about it.

As you may expect from the name, Ryesing Tides focuses on Rye as a malt base, which gives a great mouth feel. It’s backed up with some big, crowd favourite, American hops. Bravo, Mosaic and Apollo are joined by a big dry-hopping of Simcoe, more Mosaic and finally Citra.

The result is an intense, fresh, fruity aroma that truly draws you in. The aforementioned rye-enhanced mouthfeel is glorified by those hop combos, creating big, juicy & fruity flavours. This beer is an autumnal classic, but in truth it could easily be enjoyed all year round.

Here at Siren, we’re always looking to improve what we do. To learn, to listen to feedback, and to adapt. For this year’s brew we freshened things up a bit. Some of you may notice the slight changes.

Here’s head brewer, Kyle Larsen, to explain the changes:

"So the malt bill changed slightly from last year, which is inevitable year to year. This year we have dropped a little of the Amber malt and focused on creating a greater attenuation rate with the idea to differentiate Ryesing tides even more from the much loved "Juicy" IPAs of the moment.
The Hop profile has changed a bit in the attempt to provide a cleaner, brighter, more classic west coast IPA profile.I think it's a job well done, a slightly "cleaner" Ryesing Tides then years past with all the spicy, citrus, dank notes we've all grown to love.
I mean we tote it as an Autumnal IPA but really its just a damn good IPA that I could enjoy any time of the year."


Ryesing Tides is available now on Cask & Keg. Bottles will be coming soon. I’m already planning a trip to whatever bar taps this first, and there’s a space reserved in my fridge for a few bottles. I hope you guys like it as much as we do!