Written by Richard

September Newsletter

You'd better strap in: we've got a lot to cover in this month's newsletter! Don't worry, we promise it's worth the read, with some exciting updates along the way (Including two very special releases from days gone by). So what have we been up to, and what's to come in the near future? Read on to find out...

Public Comeback Vote Winner

Let's start this newsletter off with a bang, shall we?

Drum roll please... we're delighted to announce that Liquid Mistress has been selected (by a majority!) to be brought back as the winner of our recent public rebrew vote! Thank you to everyone who voted, and it was brilliant to see what classic Siren beers you hold in high regard. Keep your eyes glued to your emails over the next couple of weeks, we'll have more updates soon to come.


On a related and equally exciting note, you'll soon be spotting Uncle Zester make a triumphant return. Many of you voted for this one at your comeback vote winner, but needn't have selected it - as it was already in the plans! The popular collaboration with B. Nektar will be in your hands sooner than you'd expect...

Down At The Abbey - Last Chance For Tickets

Once again, the crowds are descending on the ancient Abbey ruins in Reading for the yearly Down At The Abbey festival. If you're reading this as the newsletter has been set live, Saturday 9th September, then today is the final day of the musical celebrations - and lucky for you, there are still tickets left! If you needed a last minute plan, this is as good as any. Come along from 13:00pm and you'll see headlining act BC Camplight perform alongside Los Bitchos, Pale Blue Eyes and many more.

We're there as the official drinks sponsor of the event, and we won't be in short supply ensuring that the festivities go on, and on, and on... if you can make it, drop by and say hi to our events team!

For those of you that live further afield, we've still got you covered in our official mixed case, available through the webshop. 8 sessionable beers, a festival pint cup and Lumina lanyard, plus additional extras sent direct to your email upon purchase. Pick up your case through the link below.

Down At The Abbey Festival Box

Jack & Boule

Say what you will about the recent heatwave, there's nothing like boules, beers, buns and sun. The word is out that Jack & Boule is the place to be this summer down at London's South Bank, with a variety of time slots available to book onto. You'll find out beers in both can and on draught too, with an exclusive Jack & Boule Lager on keg that you won't find anywhere else! Lumina and Pastel Pils provide fabulous gluten free options too. Book your slot today and try your hand at the best boules in London!

Jack & Boule


London Craft Beer Festival seems to have come and gone in a flash - we had a fantastic time pouring pints and talking all things craft beer with everyone who attended the event at Tobacco Dock this August. Long Levers, Slam Duck, Send Me More Sunshine and Lumina were just some of the beers we brought with us for you to sample - and they all seemed to go down a treat. See you next year, London.

Neomexicanus Blog

Surely you've tried Neo Noise by now, right? Loaded with a selection of our favourite Neomexicanus hops (El Dorado, Talus and Sabro), this hazy pale has been making waves  since its release a couple of weeks back. This is definitely one to try fresh.

If 'Neomexicanus' sounds foreign to you, we've got your your back. Click below to read our latest blog post all about these hops; what they are, why we love them, and a little on their history.

Neomexicanus Hops Blog

The Lumina Story

Do you know the full Lumina story? In this blog, we explore the origins of the popular gluten free IPA, a dive into what the beer means to us, and the results of our latest effort to break the internet during Lumina Hour with Lumina and the launch of Illuminati DIPA. Whether you're a long time fan or have just discovered the beer, click below to read the blog!

The Lumina Story

Our New Sales Team Members

If you're a trade customer, you may have already had the pleasure of chatting with one of our new sales team members who have recently been brought on board. Shea is working as part of the internal sales team, while you'll find Jess and Lennox as regional sales in the London area. Welcome to the team!

Soundwave on Cask

Pubs: you wished upon a cask, and we made it happed. Soundwave found itself back in cask for the first time since 2018. Was the long wait worth it? Absolutely. We've had an outpouring of appreciation and newfound love for this limited edition Soundwave offering on pump. Check out the list of venues we supplied Soundwave on cask to, and don't be afraid to call them up; some may still have this smooth and hoppy IPA available!

Find Soundwave on Cask

Oktoberfest Guest Beers

Is Oktoberfest on your radar? The world's largest Volksfest kicks off this Friday 16th September in Bavaria, Germany, and runs through to the 3rd October. If you're out in Munich, you'll find a massive beer festival, travelling carnival, and pretzels galore. We wish we could be over there, but fear not - we'll have you covered on our webshop. Keep an eye out for a new mixed case featuring lagers, pilsners, Festbiers and more from a few different UK breweries. Some traditional, some a little more out there, we think you'll love this one. And yes, there shall be snacks.

Our on-site Tap Yard are planning a small celebration of their own, too. Further details to come on this, be sure to follow the Siren Tap Yard on socials to be the first to find out more!

New Gift Packs

The gifting season is rapidly approaching, and our classic gift packs are back in stock - new and improved! Whether you're gifting for IPA addicts, Lager lovers or Pilsner people, we've got a range of gift packs to suit all needs - with more to come very soon. Check out our current range below and spread the love of craft beer.

Shop Gift Packs

New Beers

This past month, we released 5 new beers - have you managed to try them all yet? Let's take a brief look at them to job your memory.

First Impression

This clean, crisp Helles is one to make you sit up and take notice. Its soft, bready malts provide delicate sweetness; a perfect base for the spicy, floral and citrus aromatics of traditional Spalt and Tettnang hops.

Suspended in Mosaic

A rare opportunity to drink one of our most popular draught beers at home! 'Suspended' is hazy, juicy, packed full of hops and usually reserved for pints at your favourite pub. This special edition showcases our very own Mosaic hops, backed up by experimental HBC630. Soft, tropical and delicious.

Squeezie: Guava

Squeezie is a series of juicy fruit beers, refreshing and delicious in equal measure. This one is loaded up with ripe Guava, which works perfectly alongside our American hop profile to give you punchy tropical flavours and aromas. The beer is soft, delicately hazy and certifiably crushable.

Neo Noise

A vibrant hazy pale ale showcasing neomexicanus hops, some exciting new varieties that we're absolutely loving. Here you'll find the juicy pineapple notes of El Dorado, Talus' pithy pink grapefruit aromas and a touch of Sabro, which brings everything together with rounded tropical flavours and a hint of coconut.

Just Like Paradise

A true desert island beer, as Pineapple, Passionfruit and Guava join an amazing combination of Citra and Azacca hops to create a tropical treat. Along with the punchy fruit flavours and aromas, you're treated to a soft body, subtle bitterness and plenty of drinkability. This must be just like living in paradise!