Written by Ellie Spring

Serendipity: IWD 2024

Crafting Equality in a Glass: Brewing Serendipity for International Women's Day 2024 
In a world where gender equality remains an ongoing pursuit, every occasion becomes an opportunity to celebrate progress and advocate for change. International Women's Day (IWD) stands as a powerful symbol of unity, reflection, and action. What better way to commemorate this day than by raising a glass to the women who inspire us? This year, the women of Siren came together to brew a beer to honour the spirit of IWD.

The Name and Plan

‘Serendipity – A total chance occurrence resulting in an extraordinarily favourable outcome.'

It all began with a coincidental meeting between two incredible women, discussing all things beer. Hayley one of our Brewers and Emily a Beer Writer and influencer.

Hayley later found out that Emily is married to our very own JD! With a mutual respect for each other's talents and skills led to a meeting to brainstorm ideas for a collaboration for IWD.  They came up with a recipe that embodies strength, resilience, and diversity.  With inspiration from Ruby chocolate and their love of Belgium beers and stouts they came up with the idea for Serendipity!  

Serendipity is smart, active luck. It's when you see something in the unexpected and join the dots. My chance meeting with Emily took us down a path we both knew would produce something awesome. What a wonderful project for IWD 2024. Hearing the excited chatter of female voices flowing through the brewhouse was so uplifting. A massive 'thank you' and 'well done' to all the ladies from Siren who made the day so special. And of course huge gratitude to my new brewing buddy Emily for her articulate words, beautiful artwork and unerring enthusiasm. Great work ladies, I'm so proud I got to spend this special day with you all.”- Hayley Pearce

The Brew Day

The Brew Day began at 7am on the 8th March 2024, bright eyed and bushy tailed the Women of Siren began the brew. Amy, Ashley, Ellie, Emma, Emily, Emma, Hayley, Josie and Zoe spent the day mashing, boiling, and fermenting whilst infusing each step with intention and purpose.

This wasn't just about making beer; it was about crafting a narrative - a celebration of women's achievements, aspirations, and the journey toward equality. From adding oats, lactose, and sugar syrup to signing their names on the Siren wall of fame and having a cup of tea and a chin wag, the women all spent the day with smiles on their faces and excitement of knowing what they have created.

Working in accounts I had very little understanding as to how physical and scientific brewing was. Hayley made the whole day an educational and wonderful experience (apart from all the manual labour) and to end up with such a great beer at the end of it made it all worthwhile. Knowing that everything from the spec to the design to the actual production was female lead made this beer a real joy (and the fact it tastes amazing was a definite plus). I was very proud of what we made and I take my hat off to all female brewers out there. It's tough work but Siren has the women for the job” - Emma Roberts

The Label

No beer is complete without a label that tells its story. Emily took it upon herself to use her fine art university degree to design the label for Serendipity. Using her go to medium of biro and watercolours she created a label with elegant stippled cocoa pods and leaves, bold colours and sharp geometric shapes, combined together this added that feminine flair to the design that summarises Serendipity beautifully.

It was an absolute privilege to have been invited to work on Serendipity, to create the artwork for the can and to brew it with the lovely ladies of Siren. The experience has given me an insight into the more intricate workings of brewery life: from the precise details of recipe design, to sales and marketing aspects, to the physicality of the brew day itself. I still can't quite believe that I was asked to be involved and can't thank the team at Siren enough for supporting mine and Hayley's vision!” - Emily Duffield

Tasting Notes

As the brew reaches its final form, we gather to sample the fruits of our labour. The aroma is a symphony of chocolate, red berries and marzipan - a tribute to the complexities of womanhood. With each sip, you taste the decadent and full-bodied flavour, hints of vanilla, tonka and cacao nibs creating a luxurious finish that leaves you craving more. It's more than just a beer; it's a toast to the resilience, creativity, and unwavering spirit of women everywhere.

Brewing a beer for International Women's Day is more than just an exercise in craftsmanship—it's a celebration of equality, diversity, and empowerment. With this limited-edition batch, we raise a glass to the women who have shaped our past, inspire our present, and define our future. May this beer serve as a reminder that when we come together in solidarity, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Cheers to International Women's Day—and to the countless women who continue to change the world, one sip at a time.

Serendipity is available now in single cans and can cases, as well as in an International Women's Day mixed case that features friends of Siren Elusive Brewing and Double-Barrelled.

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