Written by Tim

Siren Colouring

We're into a lockdown now and I imagine the boredom is setting in for everyone already. It's time to get the pens and pencils out and do a bit of colouring in!

Our awesome designer, Studio Parr, has created us some blank templates of our flagship cans so that you can download and print them at home. 

Whether or not you want to share this activity with the kids is up to you, but do remember to send us your best efforts via social media! Twitter | Instagram | Facebook


Colouring Sheet Downloads

SIREN - Soundwave Colouring Sheet.pdf

SIREN - Broken Dream Colouring Sheet.pdf

SIREN - Calypso Colouring Sheet.pdf

SIREN - Yu Lu Colouring Sheet.pdf


Your Artwork

Graeme & Kiera Bateman

Anne Qua

Will Parr (Studio Parr)

Helen Jones

Helen Jones

Elsie Parsons (Age 7)

Ivy Parsons (Age 11)