Written by Andy

Siren RG1 - A thank you, and some updates!

Well, what a start. The first 10 days of opening our doors in Reading has been an absolute whirlwind. What can we say, but thank you.

Thanks to the amazing team, all new to the business, who have worked so hard to put on a great show, thanks to our crowdfunders who got us going and created an amazing buzz around the menu, and thanks to every single one of you who has visited the venue since opening.

We had planned out expectations of what our first week might look like. While we anticipated a busier than average week, you all exceeded those expectations by more than 50%. It was amazing, but of course that was a baptism of fire.

It’s fair to say that it’s been difficult to deliver the level of service that we envisioned when the bar has been so consistently busy. However, looking at the positives again, this means we’ve been able to collect an incredible amount of feedback in a short space of time. This allows us to improve day by day, week by week, month by month.

There have been some recurring themes which we can provide updates on right away.

Service Charges

There have been some inconsistencies in how we’ve applied, and crucially communicated, service charges in different parts of the venue and different ordering patterns. So, to clarify:

If you receive table service, a discretionary 12.5% service charge will be added to your bill.
If you order food at the bar, the card machines will ask if you’d like to add any gratuity for the team.

All service charges and gratuity is shared equally amongst the team at the venue. Thank you on behalf of everyone for your patience and generosity towards our team, and apologies for any inconvenience caused in the first week.

 Acoustics & Finishing Touches

We anticipated that we may need some acoustic dampening in the venue, but were advised to open the space first, to check how much of a difference things like our scientifically positioned speakers and tailor made arches would make. We’re now able to start work on making acoustic improvements which will make a big difference to the noise at peak times. Even better, this will allow us to talk to you more easily about the cellar wine selection, the stories behind the food and beers, and of course the super fresh sparkling Hopwater!

We have a schedule of ‘snagging’ fixes and improvements to improve the overall look and feel of the venue as well. Hand-dryer in the gents toilets - we’re looking at you. You can also expect to see more Siren artwork and memorabilia on the way, and some more planting. Oh - and there’s a whole host of outdoors improvements on the way too.

Table Ordering

Although we couldn’t quite get it ready for opening, soon you’ll be able to scan a QR code to order from your table. The full menu of drinks and food will be available. We’ll be testing this in the next couple of weeks, and anticipate it being fully operational by the end of June. There is another benefit here, which is you’ll be able to peruse the full beer lists including tasting notes, which you may have noticed we do not quite have room for on the wall. (32 Lines - Whose idea was that?!)

Feedback & Reviews

As mentioned, the amount of constructive feedback we’ve been receiving has been super helpful. It really feels like a team effort to make this venue the best it can possibly be for all involved and we will never stop working to improve what we’re doing.

Our feedback page here is live permanently for any issues, questions or ideas you may have. We would ask that you come to us directly with any problems so we can do our best to resolve them swiftly, or at least be transparent about where we’re at. 


If you enjoyed your time with us, leaving positive reviews publicly will help us to keep encouraging new visitors to give us a go, and possibly try a locally brewed beer for the first time. Google or Tripadvisor are the best places to do this. If you feel like someone in the bar did a great job while you were there, please do shout them out.

If you haven’t been yet, please give us a try! The vibe has been amazing, the beers have been flowing, and the burgers and small plates are going down a treat. As a small team trying to do something ambitious here, your support means everything to us. Thank you!