The Sirens are Calling at Waitrose

We brought the Sirens of Siren Craft Brew alive for two main reasons.

Firstly, they are designed to take their drinkers through a journey of what beer can be. We envisage each as an entry point - perhaps someone who enjoys a pale ale on cask could pick up an Undercurrent, or a tea-lover could take the plunge on Yu Lu. From there a whole variety of styles, flavours and colours awaits. Each of our flagship range is our take on its style, full of flavour and intrigue. In Calypso, for example, we're proud to offer a sour beer all year round, and we're as determined as ever to introduce as many people as possible to how amazing the refreshing citrus and vibrant acidity can be. The second raison d'être of The Sirens is to act as go-to, consistently high quality beers that fit the bill for seasoned craft beer drinkers and newcomers alike. We think there's a place in everyone's fridge for a few bottles of fresh, hoppy Sound Wave or a selection of low-alcohol but full-flavoured Yu Lu. With both those reasons in mind, we’re delighted that Yu Lu, Undercurrent, Sound Wave and Calypso can now be found in more Waitrose stores across the country than ever before, as part of an exciting expansion to their speciality beer range.Waitrose’s approach to craft beer in the last few years has impressed us, showing a dedication to bringing new, interesting and modern beers to their shoppers. We're joining a host of other great breweries to complete the new speciality beer offering. In Waitrose’s beer expert, Sarah Hammond's words:

“This new range reflects the changing tastes of our customers. We’ve got sour beers, innovative fruit beers, new emerging cider brands and a whole host of exciting breweries changing the way we enjoy beer and cider in the UK.”

We're delighted that there's now a place on supermarket shelves in 2018 for beers made with Earl Grey Tea & Lemon Zest, pale ales packed full of oats, IPAs with beautiful American hop profiles, AND EVEN SOURS! We're excited to be start many new drinkers off on their craft beer journeys - hopefully you'll be sipping on the likes of Sour Lemon DIPA's and Tropical Stouts in no time. With a trusty pale ale in the fridge for later, of course, picked up just down the road!

From today, check out the beer aisle in your local Waitrose to see if a Siren's call awaits...