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Stories Behind The Stats: Introduction

We recently published an update highlighting the challenges we’re facing as a small, independent brewery and the steps we’ve taken and are taking to try and navigate that time. We’re not alone. These are trying times for a brewing scene that is battling at the best of times, this piece by Left Handed Giant is another detailed example of the realities of the situation. Results released last week by SIBA, from a survey of small independent breweries across the UK, show on average beer sales are down by 82% since the outbreak of Covid-19.

But that’s really just the start of the story. When we say that 85% of our regular business has disappeared, that’s because 85% of our business usually comes from an incredible customer base of pubs, bars, venues and restaurants that we’re fortunate to work with week-in, week-out. 

We have customers that have been buying our beer for 7 years (!), customers that have just opened their doors, micro pubs that buy an occasional cask of Suspended, central London hotspots that will clear us out of Soundwave with a last minute drop, and pubs on the other side of the planet that do us the honour of pouring Broken Dream for their locals. It all amounts to an ecosystem of hospitality that is truly special and we are very lucky to be a part of, that we miss dearly, and is taking a severe hit. 

With this series of blogs, we’re aiming to showcase the thoughts of some people behind the pubs. The challenges they’re up against, but crucially also the work going into transforming businesses, changing plans on the fly, making improvements behind the scenes to come back bigger, better and with even more to offer on the other side.

Check them out here: 

The Fox & hounds, Reading
The Ten Tun Tap House, Alton
The Grumpy Goat, Reading
Makan Malaysia
The Sutton Arms, London
The Craufurd Arms, Maidenhead
Deadlocked Escape Rooms, Reading
Dave Maul - Heavy Pop / Down At The Abbey

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