The Beer Place is a Great Place to Be

I know you probably don't need me to tell you that.  Take a look in your fridge right now or your local pub, I am sure you have a great selection of really good brews there - that say 10 years ago - hell say 2 years ago may not have had the variety that's there now.

But its not just about the brewers.  There are some truly talented and passionate people who love this business and the passion and diversity it brings.  I recently popped into Brewdog's great bar in Bristol, now run by the very exciteable Ned who is going through, as are many of the Brewdog bar team, the Cicero qualification.  I went there to meet up with a friend while they were launching our beers in the South West, and was amazed at the knowledge, interest and excitement of the guys behind the bar.

I tweeted this picture before, but it is so awesome it had to be shown again.  Chloe and Jen, two of the team spent hours copying our (pretty intracate) designs on their chalk board for a launch down in the South West of our new beers.


What other proof do you need that this is a great industry full of talented people?

Answers on a postcard please!