The First End of an Era & New Beginnings

Well it is time!  We knew it had to come, but we were still sad to see the last of our first coffee for Broken Dream.  But hey we knew it was a fleeting romance and that we had to be promiscuous to get the best, so say hello to "Finca Los Nogales" again from Origin. If you read our first blog post on our approach to adding coffee to our amazing breakfast stout "Broken Dream" you will be aware that the coffee we chose was seasonal and would one day not be available.  But dont panick, we put the same amount of effort in to finding a replacement, and we weren't looking for a like for like, we wanted something that could add to what we had before, and we think we found it. We tried a few new coffees but this one blew us away, the fragrancy, the richness of the red fruit adds a different dimension to Broken Dream, we hope you enjoy the change. And to boot the coffee comes with the most amazing artwork on the packaging.