Two New Beers!

We felt that the summer must be here, really it must.  So to celebrate that summery time of year when you might want more that a few thirds we set about crafting a 2.8% IPA packed with all of the flavour and body you would expect from us. Half Mast is half the alcohol of our normal IPA, but more like a Quarter of a standard IPA, so lets call it a QIPA.  Carefully created to give a great body and flavour for such a low alcohol beer, it has a doughy malt base and a hop profile that sings with the juicy citrusy notes of mango & grapefruit.  It is the perfect way to start a nice summers evening. Next up is the opposite end of the day to Broken Dream, our breakfast stout. Sweet Dream is a decadent chocolate milk stout loaded with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans with vanilla really helping to make the chocolate pop.  Whereas one has all the flavours of breakfast, a chocolate milk stout is the perfect end of the day, super chocolatey & unctuous. These are limited release beers and available from the middle of June. We hope you enjoy