Upcoming Collaborations

Barrel-aged and collaboration brews on their way to you soon... DSC00275_Fotor If there are two things we love at Siren it’s barrel ageing beers and collaborating with some of the industry’s finest brewers. So you’ll be pleased to hear that several exciting brews are just around the corner, many of which are still picking up gorgeous flavours in Bourbon and Chardonnay barrels. Here’s a taster of what to expect in the next couple of months.

MRS BrownCollaboration with Magic RockMagicRockThe base for MRS Brown was brewed back in September last year with Head Brewer Stu from Magic Rock, when we set out to create a Bourbon Pecan Pie beer. This rich Brown Ale has been aged in Bourbon barrels for around 6 months before being flavoured with pecan, vanilla and maple syrup. When deciding on a name for this beer, a glance at the brew schedule was all that was needed! If you like sweet and rich brews then keep an eye out for this next month.

Barrel Aged DaydreamCollaboration with Mikkeller Daydream is an imperial White Stout we brewed in collaboration with Mikkeller in August last year. Coming in at 12% ABV, the beer pours amber but displays all the characteristics of a great stout, with coffee and chocolate notes in abundance. When fresh, Daydream gives off a sweet marshmellow flavour, so we thought that some ageing in bourbon barrels would add vanilla and coconut notes that would complement it perfectly. This deliciously complex beer should be ready for the end of May.

Uncle ZesterCollaboration with B. Nektarbnektarlogo We met Brad from B. Nektar (a Meadery in the US) at the Copenhagen Beer Celebration in 2014, once we tasted his meads we knew we had to get him over to the UK to brew with us. We had to do something with honey, so the idea of a Braggot came to mind straight away, which is a beer brewed with both honey and malt - a beer/mead hybrid if you will. For our own twist on the concept we decided to sour it and add hops and citrus, the plan all fell in to place in a series of quick-fire emails between Brad and our own Head Brewer Ryan. This sour citrus Braggot should also be with you in May.

Barrel Aged NäckenCollaboration with Omnipolloomnipollo Näcken was the first beer we brewed with Omnipollo as part of the homebrew competition that we’ve run for the past three years (the most recent of which gave birth to Life is a Peach). It was hugely popular so we ended up brewing it multiple times. For the final batch we filled four Chardonnay barrels which were all but forgotten about until a re-shuffle in the brewery recently, so the beer has been ageing for just over a year with wild yeast. We’ve spiked the beer with Brett and generously dry hopped it with Simcoe and Citra to create this new take on an old favourite.

More collaborations in the worksothers We have a number of other collaborations lined up that are not quite at such an advanced stage but that we are still very excited about. Quadrophenia is a very Dark Quad/Belgian Stout that we are Brewing with Jackie O's from Athens Ohio. We are brewing a Chipotle Smoked Milk Porter with Cherries in collaboration with Arizona Wilderness. The malt for this beer is being hand smoked for us by the guys at Mother Kelly's taproom in London. Finally we are brewing an English Bitter with our friends from Crooked Stave in Colorado. For a twist the beer will be fermented with a blend of 12 different strains of Brett, so this won’t be your average English Bitter.

Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook and the blog for release information of these and other brews coming up soon.