We are Hiring !!

You may have noticed on twitter that we are looking for a new head brewer.  Unfortunately, yes its true.  Our big bearded brew monster has decided that its time to head back to the US. It wasn't his initial plan, hoping to stay here much much longer, and considering the start we have had here, it has been a very hard decision.  But a young family and having spent nearly five years away from home  has proved enough.  We are hugely sorry to see him go, and anyone who has met him at one of our events or festivals will know that he has a big personality to take with him.  If you went to the London Craft Beer Festival then we apologise for the many memorable images he drew on everyone elses stand. However,  Ryan leaves Siren in great shape, a huge store of exciting recipes, a great opportunity to make your own mark, and a company with great plans for the future. So if you are a looking out for a head brewers role and believe that you can not only fill, but grow the shoes that Ryan will be leaving, then lets talk. The advert to apply to is here http://siba.co.uk/classifieds/show-ad/?id=3058 We are also on the lookout for a brewer to add to the team and someone to bolster our sales team, so if you interested, feel free to contact [email protected].