Written by Tim

We're going dark this Christmas

As quickly as it came around, Caribbean Chocolate Cake season is all but over already. But that doesn’t mean that we’re taking our collective feet off the metaphorical pedals, as our attention turns to Christmas and this year, we’re going dark. 

Not only do we have 3 awesome, and completely different new releases coming in December, but our dedicated warehouse team (as well as some of us from the office, the tap yard and any other hands we can get!) are busy making up 4-pack presentation boxes. These bad boys looks awesome and will make for some great Christmas gifts. 

Lastly, we’ll be adding some Christmas mixed cases to the site, so look out for them! But before that, let’s turn out the lights and tell you about our new beers. 

In The Belly Of A Shark 

6.2% Black IPA

We haven’t brewed a Black IPA since “7 Seas IPA” back in 2014. To say a new brew of the style is overdue is an understatement. Our friend over at Elusive Brewing, Andy Parker, has been relentlessly promoting Black IPAs, even starting the hashtag #BIPAComeback, so we know at least 1 person is happy to see the style re-emerging.

Black IPAs are created with dehusked dark malts. This gives the appearance of a dark beer, without the classic dark beer roasty flavours along with it. This allows those big hop flavours shine through, despite the darkly ominous appearance. 

Hop wise for this, we went with a killer combination of Mosaic, Citra and Azacca. Mosaic is a bit of a triple threat hop, covering flavour, aroma and bitterness. Combined with the strong citrus notes of the Citra and Azacca, which brings tropical fruits to the party we think it’s a great combo. 

Immediately when you pour this beer out, you’ll be surprised by the fresh surface aromas, in contrast to the murky depths of the colour. Just like Jaws and a flapping tourist, you’ll be seeking this one out again and again. 

In The Belly Of A Shark is available on the Webshop and the Tap Yard now! 

It’s My Jam

6.3% Dark Fruited sour

Christmas time, winter, and colder weather might not necessarily sing ‘sour beer’, but for us, there’s never not a good time for fruit packed sours. And in keeping with this month’s theme - this one is dark.

With this one, we’re going back to Mum’s homemade Jam (If your Mum never made Jam, come round my Mum’s house, her jam is ace) with blueberry, blackberry and Apricot. 

We wanted classic bramble flavours, with the tangy acidity of the blueberry and blackberry shining through, with the apricot adding natural sweetness and stone fruit flavours. 

Dry-Hopped with Mosaic and Ekuanot, this one rounds out with dark but sharp fruit flavours with a balanced underlying sourness. It’s Christmas by the fire, it’s summer on the beach, it’s your favourite song on the jukebox… this is our jam and we hope it’s yours too. 

Going Out Stout

4.8% Raspberry Ripple Stout

Last but by no means least on the dark beer menu is of course a Siren crowd favourite stout. This one is bitter-sweet for us, as it comes with a goodbye. 

Our long-term brewing colleague and friend, Sean, who you will have seen popping over the years in various photos is off to brew some amazing beers abroad. We all wish Sean the absolute best on his adventures, and with this beer, his final creation at Siren,  he’s going out with a bang. 

Beginning with a biscuit base and chocolate malts, we’ve added vanilla and raspberry to create a party in your mouth that you’re going to want to dress up for. 

We’ve used a hop pairing of Columbus and Bramling Cross, which some of you might not be aware of. Bramling Cross is a UK hop that brings notes of blackcurrant, blackberries and plums. This really accentuates those gorgeous deep fruit raspberry ripple flavours, balanced with a light and sessionable stout. 

Call your mates, get your gladrags on and book a cab, because you’re going out stout. 

Christmas Presentation Packs

I’m sure you’ll have seen the Caribbean Chocolate Cake 4-packs. Well, for Christmas they’re available for our core cans, as well as our favourite 5% dry-hopped lager, Santo. 

Packs will be available as our flagship pack (Soundwave, Yu Lu, Calypso, Broken Dream), or 4 of each beer, including Santo.

We’ll be selling these from the Webshop, the Tap Yard, or if you’re anywhere near Basingstoke, head down to the Christmas market to see our stall there! 

In The Belly of a Shark

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