We’re asking for works of fiction using the title ‘BONES OF A SAILOR’ as a starting point. Entries are limited to 750 words and will be accepted until JUNE 14TH 2021.

Your 750 word short story can go in any direction you choose. Whether laugh out loud funny, tense and turbulent, dark and mysterious or uplifting and emotional, it’s entirely up to you. All we ask is that it takes the ‘bones’ title as a brief and somehow references the greek mythology that inspired the naming of our brewery.

It’s open to anyone worldwide, however our prizes can only be sent out in the UK.

And speaking of prizes, you won’t be disappointed. We’re working on a treasure trove of Siren goodies and calling in some favours from our friends to put together a bundle well worth your time.

Be bold, be creative, and use your imagination. Good luck!

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